For Christmas 2016, Offer a jewel of pleasure

For Christmas 2016, so that your Christmas and New Year holidays are brilliant with bold eroticism… I imagined a collection of intimate jewels which traps the pleasure… A greedy collection, a lover of the body and its whims…Then this year, you can offer to him (her) an attractive case of black velvet in which, he […]

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st136 1 string cuir penetrant doigt pleine lune col or.jpg

The erotic luxury leather jewelry

Often associated with fetishism, or persons attracted by relations of domination and submission, the leather can be also an unheard feminity…Sylvie Monthulé chose to marry the leather with gold and silver, imagining luxurious and sexy underwear.The leather becomes sensual, feline, with intimate and libertine ornaments. A line of sexy underwaer leather In her collection “Full […]

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pa54 4 anneaux intimes drape lune.jpg

Jewelry for vaginal lips

The female genitalia is so beautiful, so mysterious… big lips and small lips adorn the entrance of the vagina, they surround it like the delicate petals of a unique flower.Varying greatly from one woman to another, the lips may be fine or fleshy, long or short. Under the effect of excitation and the desire, they […]

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clt11 3 nectar de jouissance or.jpg

Intimate Jewelry for an orgasm

Imagine intimate jewelry, which can be much more than just jewelry… sexual jewelry for women, in a unique design that lets go of itself and listens to your body… Jewelry to feed your pleasure and indulge you at a pace of your own… The Nectar by Sylvie Monthulé will allow you to achieve wonderful orgasms. […]

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st44 1 string rose intime.jpg

A sexy gem for Valentine’s Day

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, whose origins date back to antiquity, many are those dream to show audacity and originality. We dream to surprise his or her partner, to seduce. Bouquets of roses for Madam, fragrances for Mr… we want to invite others accessories ! And what is more exciting than an intimate gem, […]

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ST158 F string bijou parfum amour or

Erotic G-string to make love

Sylvie Monthulé has always wanted that pleasures of love and preliminary though an exquisite game. With her collection of erotic G-strings for women, you will have all the opportunities to transform your way of making love, to escalate the tension in a new and delicious way. A G-String woman for exquisite preliminary The String gem […]

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st121 2 string papillons de jouissances col or.jpg

Penetrating Jewelry Sylvie Monthulé : enjoyment and ecstasy.

Always with passion, Sylvie Monthulé imagine penetrating jewelry. In addition to their beauty and their elegance, they provide intimate sensations and wonderful pleasure ! A subtile alliance between pleasure and refinement. As exciting a sex toy, penetrating jewelry are first beautiful and elegant. Your body is sublimated. Nectar Orgasm, intimate balls, Geisha Balls, Insertable Eggs and […]

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clt02 0 le bijou clitoris goutte.jpg

Gem Drop Clitoris

Taste the creations the most exciting of Sylvie Monthulé. She developed the idea of the Gem Cltoris. Among the jewelry created specifically for the pleasure of the clitoris, the most subtile and exquisite is the famous Clitoris Pearl ! Erotic gem for clitoris The clitoris is a treasure. A enjoyment for woman ! Sylvie monthulé has sublimated […]

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The birth of an intimate jewel

When Sylvie Monthulé draws a jewel, she imagines every detail, every curve. Sometimes she works with a theme, sometimes she leaves her pencils free on the paper… The String Intimate Rose, with a flower of desire, like sensual perfume… A G-string open on your secret…     The String Muse of pleasures with exquisite blue drop on […]

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sg47 0 soutien gorge brandebourg or.jpg

Play with exciting Jewelry

Sylvie Monthulé has imaginated intimate jewelry to play with the body… You want surprise your Partner… Play with the nipple jewelry no piercing. Proceed to a delicious and sensual stripping ! Take your time. Under your dress, a mysterious jewel … A beautiful and sexy necklace caress your skin, feel the curves of your breasts, and capture […]

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oe1 9 bijou oeuf penetrant or perle.jpg

Discover in a few days the most erotic jewelry in 3D!

The best of body jewelry in 3D ! Sylvie Monthulé’s Jewelry are not just objects of pleasure… They are also wonderful ! In some days, we’ll offer you the opportunity to admire some best créations in 3D… Their pure curves, their contours so soft, so delicious on the body, their colors so intense… They will […]

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