Videos of erotic jewelry on Sylvie Monthulé store

Videos of erotic jewelry on
Sylvie Monthulé store

On our website (of the designer Sylvie), some “intimate jewels” are presented with videos! A perfect way to show you wear a body jewel with natural elegance, and especially to show its beauty and erotic effectiveness These sexy (soft) videos are here for those who dream to buy the jewel for her. To imagine the effect it will have on her, and explore all the secrets …


A video to show the effect of the Clitoral Jewel

There is nothing better to show the sexual effects of a clitoral jewel than to demonstrate it with a short video! That’s what Sylvie Monthulé did with the jewel “Excite Clitoris”. In addition to the pictures of our model (and all her artistic photos), we now also present short videos that highlights the actual use of the jewel and its effects. “We live it” for a few seconds: the movements of the blue ball that touches and moves the clitoris… we imagine the excitement of the clitoris.  A video of a clitoral or penetrating jewel, gives more insight and answers to the one who want to buy the jewel; its size, its ease to be worn, etc … So Sylvie Monthulé will present more mini-erotic videos on her website! In the Testimonial section, you will also be able to see more videos; some fans can’t resist to show off the pleasure which some jewels give them, through small very naughty videos!

Discover the jewelry videos

For the launch of her two new jewel G-strings, designer Sylvie wanted to show their eroticism in detail: by clicking on the video of the silver blue butterfly G-string, you will discover the refinement of the jewel on all levels, its bright colors , its original and sensual design, including the back of the string adorned with a stone.  These are short and very exciting videos that many people consult for pleasure before a purchase.
The latest very intimate jewel G-string in gold and crystal, just presented in our webshop, is also shown in our pictures and videos: see the pendants that caress the clitoris, the drops that tumble and tickle your intimate parts, the delicacy of the hands opening your private parts and the attractive sexy shine on the back of the string … As always, images are worth more than a 1000 words!  For us, lovers of sensuality, it is natural and important to discover everything. These videos are about erotic jewelry for women, they show and prove the quality of our jewelry, our passion, our work, of the creator and manufacturer!  If you wish, send us a video of your sexy jewel: don’t hesitate! Your testimony video must remain soft (not more than 1 person involved), and preferably short. If approved, it will be published here on the website of Sylvie Monthulé, (in 100% anonymity of course)!


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