Are you looking for a G-string or a topless bra, are you dreaming of a clitoris jewel or a sexual jewel? Do you want to wear clips sex? Travel by category to discover all our creations  ! Make your choice !


Intimate erotic jewelry for your sensual desires

Like lingerie and sexy underwear, the jewel awakens desire and dresses the body in voluptuousness and mystery. We wear sexy gem to develop our sensuality and femininity, to please and seduce.

Sex jewelry to stimulate your libido

Jewelry, like a sex toy, can also adorn erogenous zones and promote our well-being: it makes us feel new sensations and increases our excitement for foreplay. Clitoral, vaginal or anal jewelry contributes to the personal sexual development and the loving harmony of the couple.

Our intimate jewellery made in France by category

Lingerie thongs, from the wisest to the most naughty:

Pubis ornaments to be worn as refined underwear to excite the senses. Available in all underwear sizes.

Topless bras to reveal your charms:

Adjustable bust chains to enhance your femininity and adorn your breasts in gold or silver .

Clitoral jewelry to enhance your pleasure:

Unparalleled sexual adornments to shine the clit and excite it at its own pace to infinite pleasure.

Stimulating sex toys to prepare for pleasure:

Ornaments designed to increase sexual pleasure and discover new vaginal or anal sensations, alone or together.

Sensual nipple jewelry:

A selection of nipple gems and breast necklaces to wear for seductive moments and sexy parties.

Vulva rings without piercing to adorn your intimacy:

Jewellery to make sparkle your small or large labia.

Waist chains and ankle chains for seduction:

Original and sexy body adornments that embraces the hips with delight and elegance.

Adjustable bracelets to enhance your wrists:

Delicate hand jewelry in harmony with our collections

Daring pendants and naughty earrings:

Cleavage jewels to show off your desires and eye-catching earrings.


A word from the designer

“Whether it’s a breast necklace that is revealed in the cut of a blouse, a thong that reveals the beauty of the sex or Geisha balls that are revealed in intimacy… Each piece of jewellery for women is a rendez-vous with sensuality.  Embellishing your body, playing with it to better understand all the subtleties of pleasure, of your pleasure… invites us to love ourselves.

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