Nipple Jewelry no piercing

A beautiful selection of gold and silver breast jewelry ! No-piercing and hypoallergenic. Will you choose the breast necklaces that dress your cleavage with  mystery, then secretly slide down to your nipples? Will you choose the naughty nipple jewelry that embraces, caresses ? Sylvie Monthulé’s breast jewels are little marvels of eroticism, adjustable to the diameter of the nipple which combine beauty and pleasure!


Dare to wear breast jewelry without piercing!

Getting a nipple pierced would exacerbate its sensitivity. But we can choose to stimulate our breasts by giving them fake nipple piercings. These naughty designer ornaments have the advantage that they can be worn whenever you want and are refined and stylish.

What is the system of the fake piercing ?

It is a very simple and absolutely painless system. A small, black, soft lasso is integrated into the jewelry. It wraps around the nipple, slides in and out like a lasso. It is very easy to put on and take off a breast jewel!

Can all women wear nipple jewelry?

Some women have almost no outer nipples. The principle of the nipple clasp is to embrace the nipple. So it has to have some relief! For all those women who have nipples that point naturally and react when they are excited, wearing this style of jewel is easy.

Can non-piercing gems be worn under clothing?

It depends on the clothing. Of course, don’t wear these naughty ornaments under a bra; you’ll hide their sensuality! The advantage is that you can also feel the jewel’s touch on your skin: a tight-fitting outfit or a garment that is too tight would not allow this. A breast ornament will have much more effect visually and intimately under a transparent blouse or a sexy dress! And in an Eve outfit or almost, it will be perfect!

How to choose between bust chains and nipple pendants?

It all depends on what you want: either an erotic necklace made of chains that cover your neck, your bust and your breasts, or exclusively a pair of pendants to adorn your nipples. Then it’s a matter of taste and our range of breast chains and nipple pendants caters for all styles, from the most sober to the most sophisticated.

I have really big nipples, will the standard attachments work for me?

If your nipples are really large in diameter, you can indicate this when placing your order. We will prepare your jewel with a superior model of lasso fastener.

My nipples are extremely sensitive, will this jewellery bother me?

No, because you can adjust the degree of tightness to be comfortable.

Aren’t the pendants too heavy?

No, not at all. Most of the pearls are made of hematite. They are the ideal weight for the jewel to swing softly and voluptuously on the curve of the breasts. Even full drops, such as those made of metal with crystal or rhinestone inlays, are designed with this in mind.

Is jewelry that covers the areola less easy to put on?

A little bit yes, because they are more covering. It takes a little bit of practice, but you’ll soon get the hang of it! These jewels have a very original design and look great. Women love them.

The system can break?

This can happen over time. Just contact us and send your jewel back to us. We will change them for you free of charge. To prevent the lassos from becoming brittle, simply store your set in the small black velvet pouch away from the light, as soon as you have finished wearing them.

Can you realise a custom nipple design?

If you would like a different colour of pearl from the model offered, or a change in chain length, or a “mix” of two pieces of jewelry, this is possible. We always try to meet your wishes!

Have you ever made a piece for the breast with a gold fastening system?

Yes, a few years ago. But the jewel adjustment to the diameter of the nipple was limited and did not suit most women. The current system is the most practical and the black lasso goes very well with gold or silver.

What are the most popular erotic creation ?

There are many! Breath of Isis” or “Lovers” breast necklaces are among them, as well as “secret hematite beads”… For nipple ornaments sold in pairs, “breast drops”, “sacred scarabs”, “tears of emotions” are very popular. But it also depends on the season: in summer many women choose coloured jewellery with red or blue enamel, in winter they prefer creations with stone or crystal, for a more sensual and chic effect!


The designer’s favourite:

“I particularly like one of the jewels I created to enhance the nipple; it is the gold coloured rosette traps. They are extraordinarily refined and very light. The entwined hearts form a delightful print. This is truly my favourite piece to dress the bust.

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