Gold Breast Collar Red Butterfly Wings


Between your breasts, a wing of a golden butterfly twinkles a thousand splashes of red, and silky like a flower petal, it borders your skin with delight!
Under her, two fine chains of gold slide further into your neckline, sensual, libertine, to hug your nipples erect and deposit a red glow, like a drop of nectar …
A breast necklace without piercing, daringly getting to eroticism and splendor!

Description & Material

Thanks to the adjusttable chain, you can perfectly adjust your breasts collar.

1-micron 16kt gilding and 24kt finish over metal base. Red enamel. Fine chain. Red stones. Hypoallergenic.

Pain-free, sliding, non-piercing braces, which adapt to all nipple sizes .


Discover the jewels in harmony

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