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The body reveals all its charms. A G-string, a nipple jewel, a waist chain…? or a clit jewel, a secret and exciting jewel to ignite the senses… Travel into our shop to discover all our creations! Succumb to unique jewelry for the pleasure of the body and Love. Receive your sexy jewel, in Express, in a beautiful velvet bag.



Discover all the secrets of a wonderful intimate jewel: the Excite Clitoris jewel. An invitation to pleasure! Read our article “a new extraordinary jewel to excite the clitoris » and succumb to the temptation… Choose the clit jewel in gold or silver plated.



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Pleasure for the eyes when the jewel reveals itself like a treasure, pleasure for the body when it breathes on the skin, caresses it, capsizes it… before taking possession of your desires, your secrets and finally the jewel enflames you, with beauty and emotions.The G-Strings “The Kiss of Isis” and “Cobra Sacred Pleasure” are storms of voluptuousness in the heart of your curves, sublime appearances of an infinite eroticism.




Sylvie Monthulé’s jewelry thongs are erotic creations, that dress the body, to sublimate sensuality and voluptuousness! G-strings are sensual, provocative jewels, created to adorn the pubis and sharpen the pleasure. In gold or silver versions, available in all sizes of lingerie, they can be wise, sexy and naughty, or torrid! Open g-strings or sex hiders, g-strings with intimate and sexual secrets… Pubis jewels in the shape of Venetian masks, fans, roses, dragonflies… Thong jewelry with hematite pearls, crystals and strass, draped chains and amazing pendant… Discover irresistible and daring body jewelery to caress the skin, play with your sex or your clitoris, and sacralize femininity with refinement and eroticism.



penis-jewelry-sexy-storeDiscover Sylvie Monthulé’s selection of penis jewelry: rings for penis, discreet or very visual sex bracelets, jewelry for testicles … Thanks to their elasticated base or their adjustable chain, men’s intimate jewelry are very comfortable with a perfect fit. Available in gold or silver, hypoallergenic, made in France, they are designed to hug, embrace, caress and stimulate the penis! Opt for a penis ring available in different diameters, choose an adjustable penis bracelet, or order an anal jewelry …




Discover new wonderful creations ; 
silver jewelry encrusted with blue crystals to crown the clitoris !

Sylvie Monthulé unveils new Clitoris Jewelry! Wonderful silver jewelry crowning the clitoris with blue sapphire crystals… You will choose the Clit’Ose silver jewel or the clitoris silver drop jewel with blue crystals. Two superb creations for pleasure that will enhance the radiance of this wonderful treasure! Lovely, comfortable and unique jewelry that sparkles in secret… so amazing, so exciting !



Discover the videos of our intimate jewelry and surrender…

video-clit-jewelry-gold-blue   sexy_vudeo-string-jewel-gold   video-intimate-jewelry-string-butterfly-woman


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