Jewels to play with your senses

What if there was more to wearing intimate jewelry than you imagined? What if this piece of body jewelry aroused all your senses? If it caught your eye, breathed on your skin, invited you to touch it…If you felt its curves against your curves, if you dared to discover all its voluptuousness, all its thrills… And if wearing an intimate jewel awakened your desires, led you towards pleasure…


Discover the new erotic jewelry and dive
into the heart of pleasure !

Sylvie Monthulé was inspired by the Ocean to imagine her new collection of intimate jewels ! G-Strings, breasts and sex jewels invite gold or silver shells to caress the skin and more. Sublime mermaids sparkle on your most secret curves, mermaid tails taste your desires, rare pearls are waving on your sex, marine knots, sexy drapes capture the penis… 


Each G-String is en erotic history

Each jewel for pubis is a thrill of sensuality, of vertigo. Each thong is an encounter with love and voluptuousness.


Each jewel adorning the breasts is a game of caresses

Under the transparent clothes, treasures are revealed like bursts of sensuality. The breast necklaces and nipple jewels are sublime provocations to love…


Each clit jewel is a call to pleasure

The clitoris jewels have been created for enjoyment. Delicious, refined, they invite you to capsize your body, again and again…


Every penis jewel is an embrace

The jewelry for penis provoke intense sensations : embraces, caresses, brushing… Intimate rings, sex bracelets, chains and pendants invite to naughty games!


Each sexual jewel is an object of pleasure

Sextoy jewelry is extremely refined. They secretly curl up inside you and overwhelm you with excitement. The new shell thongs penetrating desire for her are real wonders… Anus jewelry for him, exquisite creations!


A sexy jewel is so sensual when it breathes on the skin, caresses it, capsizes it, before taking possession of your desires and intoxicating you with beauty and emotions. The jewel thongs “Isis’ Kiss” and “Cobra Sacred Pleasure” are storms of voluptuousness in the heart of your curves, sublime apparitions of infinite eroticism.

Succumb to unique sex jewelry…

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