The clitoris jewels are treasures dedicated to the enjoyment, to this sublime and intense pleasure caused by the palpitations of this wonderful rosebud. The clitoris blooms, it rises like a flower, under the effects of caresses, whispers, touches… What is more exciting, more provocating than wearing a jewel to stimulate the clitoris, to exalt it, to excit it ! The clitoris jewels of Sylvie Monthulé are real no-piercing gems, created only for the orgasm ! Which one will you prefer ? The jewel “Nectar of enjoyment” with its name so pertinent… or the “Clit drop”, so amazing… or the new and fantastic jewel “Excite Clitoris”, with his blue ball that caresses, kneads, seduces the organ of pleasure until the fever rises, until it beat pumps… Crazy jewels for crazy pleasures !


Clitoral Jewelry

Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.