Clitoral Jewelry :
The star jewelry of 2023 !

Discover our gold or silver plated clitoris jewelry. These sexual jewels adorn and stimulate the clitoris and provoke an intense pleasure
. Without piercing, the pieces created by Sylvie Monthulé are entirely made in France and hypoallergenic. Each jewel marries the shape of your sex and comes to trap, to embrace the clitoris, which rises, blossoms under the effect of caresses, titillations, frôlements. Which clitoris jewel will be your preference? Each clit jewel is a treasure! Refined intimate creations dedicated to feminine orgasm.


Why dress the clitoris?

Women adorn their lips with rings or clips and decorate their breasts with nipple covers or intimate gems. So why not dress the most powerful erogenous zone of the female body : the clitoris! We dress our clit to make it sparkle but above all to stimulate it!

The shape of the clitoris says a lot about its importance

The anatomy of the clitoris is much more important than we imagine. The visible part of the clitoris is only a very small part. In reality it is much larger, as the hidden part can be up to 10 cm long and consists of a bulb and a cavernous body. This is why Sylvie Monthulé’s clitoral jewelry titillates both the walls of the vagina and the glans of the clit for a complete stimulation.

Taking pleasure with the clitoris

This organ, made up of 8,000 nerve endings, is a virtuoso at giving us access to pleasure! Let’s take advantage of this to pamper it and take care of it. The majority of women today practice clitoral masturbation. To reach orgasm, you must first get to know your body: slow or firm caresses with your fingers or solitary games with the shower head on the glans, expert massages over the entire clitoral area… to then take full advantage of foreplay for two. Wearing a clitoral jewel can help us discover new sexual sensations by naturally arousing our clit.

The effects of jewelry for the clitoris

  • the clitoris stays awake without the need to caress it
  • the shape of the design stimulates the whole clitoris by also hugging the front walls of the vagina
  • the swollen and erect clitoris inside the jewel will be very sensitive to all external contacts; the breath of the air, the friction of the fabric of the dress or the underwear worn, etc…
  • each jewel slides between the lips, spreading them to position itself around the clit.  This makes masturbation easy and beautiful: the fingers caress the clitoris trapped by the opening of the jewel.
  • The pleasure of seeing your partner’s excitement in live: the clitoris is clearly visible in the heart of the jewel. Contemplating your partner’s pleasure and then inviting yourself into the game is a delight!

Choose from our selection of clitoral jewelry

Which one to choose? The working principle of clitoral jewellery remains almost the same, but with important nuances as to the excitement produced. Here are some explanations to help you make your choice according to the stimulation you are looking for:

To make your clitoris in erection

If you only want your beautiful organ to be trapped and erect without any other action from the jewel, choose the gold or silver clit Ose jewels.

Erect your clitoris and titillate it with the drop jewel

Choose clitoral model with the gold or silver drop. Your organ will be both aroused and your fingers will rub the pendant on the clit.

The jewel excite the clito and massage it

Go for the most famous and brilliant piece of erotic gem : the “excite clit”. The little blue sphere in the oval of the jewel obeys your fingers and eyes! You roll it with your fingers under your clitoris to massage and excite it at your own pace…

Clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time

This is our only erotic creation that focuses on the clit and penetration simultaneously: The nectar of pleasure. The upper part presses on the clit and the lower part penetrates the sex. A jewel to be reserved for sex toy lovers.

Your questions about clitoral jewelry without piercing :

Can I wear a clitoral jewel for a long time?

Yes, without any worries. Except for the Nectar of pleasure, which is a penetrating jewel and will not be worn as long, all the clitoral ornaments will accompany you for as long as you want; a whole evening, a few hours or selected moments in your intimacy. These jewels come with an elasticated cotton belt for a comfortable fit and ideal support.

Can you wear a creation for the clit under clothes?

Yes, under skirts or dresses and preferably without underwear. Do not wear them under tight clothing such as trousers or leggings as they will not have any effect.

Can clit jewellery irritate?

Our body jewelry is all hypoallergenic and nickel free, but do not wear it if you are already irritated or if you are experiencing temporary intimate discomfort.

Are these sex sets suitable for all clitoral sizes?

Yes. It is very, very rare that women contact us because of size discomfort. Some women do have very large clitos. If you are really worried that your rosebud is too small, once stimulated, opt for the orgasm box. It has a larger opening.

Do you have to be waxed to wear a clit jewel?

It is preferable to be depilated to better place the jewel and feel its full effects. But a complete waxing is not necessary.

How do I choose the right size without making a mistake?

There is no risk of making a mistake if you choose the jewel in your usual underwear, thong or panty size. And we will always be at your disposal if in the future if you wish to change the size of a jewel already ordered.


The note of the designer:

When you receive the clitoral jewel ordered, try it on in front of a mirror. This will allow you to position it correctly; the jewel should exert pressure all around your clitoris, it should not hide it or go over it. Use the elastic bands to move the jewel up and down until it is perfect for you. If worn correctly, you will soon see your rosebud “react” and become erect. I also invite you to read my article on how to put a clitoris jewel.”

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