Discover our gold or silver plated clitoris jewellery. These sexual jewels adorn and stimulate the clitoris and provoke an intense pleasure. Without piercing, the clitoris jewels created by Sylvie Monthulé are entirely made in France and hypoallergenic. Each piece of jewellery marries the shape of your sex and comes to trap, to embrace the clitoris, which rises, blossoms under the effect of caresses, titillations, frôlements. Which clitoris jewel will be your preference? The clit’Ose jewel, the clit drop jewel, the nectar of pleasure or the latest creation, the Excite clitoris, with a marvellous blue ball that massages the object of your pleasure until the apotheosis ! Wonderful and refined intimate jewellery dedicated to feminine orgasm. Each clit jewel is a treasure!


Clitoral Jewelry

Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.