Penis Jewelry

Ornaments for the penis are very old! Their forms and uses have evolved over the centuries: Cock rings and genital piercings have been democratized and today intimate jewellery without piercings is also very successful!

From which epoch date the jewels for the male sex?

Difficult to answer with precision to this question because little information circulates on this subject. But we do know that the use of cock rings has its origins in ancient China. The penis ring made of jade or ivory was supposed to allow a more powerful and longer erection by blocking the flow of blood. Many men from Africa and India adorned their penises with multiple adornments to increase their fertility and virility. In the Sixties with the morals which are liberated, the cock-ring is democratized even if its use still remains a little “hidden”.

The success of the piercing to the penis.

The rings of piercing for man were born a long time ago. Already mentioned in the Kamasutra the genital piercing in India, was a tool of sexual stimulation for the 2 partners. We have all heard of the most famous piercing: “Prince Albert” adorning and piercing the glans. Today there are many models of piercings intended to decorate different specific areas of the sex; brake, testicles, glans, etc… The jewel stimulates the nerves of the concerned area and brings a stimulating effect during the caresses and/or sexual frolic.

The intimate jewel without piercing for men.

Genital jewellery for both men and women has really diversified, especially in the early 2000s. A new kind of body jewellery is emerging; the sexual jewellery without piercing. The intimate jewel has the double advantage of not requiring the perforation of erogenous zones and of being used on demand, sometimes by the desire to embellish one’s sex, sometimes by the desire to shake up one’s sexuality and one’s couple. Sylvie Monthulé’s shop invites you to discover her range of erotic bracelets for penises and testicles, models of rings to embrace the glans, and a whole collection of ornaments designed to embellish and stimulate the male sex.



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