Penis Jewelry

Sex bracelets, rings for glands or testicles, ornaments that hug the penis… Sylvie Monthulé designed penis jewelry, comfortable, visible or discreet for all tastes ! Some intimate adornments such as penis rings. They are proposed in different diameters and they firmly embrace the curve of your sex; masculine jewels, very visual, that man will love to dress and demonstrate… in moments of seduction !
Many other jewels for penis, can be used every day, thanks to its elastic system or its adjustable chain, to provide sensations of pleasure and unexpected caresses: intimate gems that caress, touch, the testicles with their balls of hematite or their hanging drops… jewels with rebels chains ! Jewels embrace the penis, capture it… More and more men dare to use a sex jewel for their own pleasure, and/or to surprise their partner. Erotic jewelry is not just for women !

Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.