Discover our selection of G-Strings jewelry for woman, made in France. Sexy, exciting, provocative, Sylvie Monthulé’s G-Strings are exceptional intimate jewels created in gold and silver. They dress the woman’s body with voluptuousness and insolence, adorn the sex and the labias with pearls, rhinestones or chains, caress your secrets with sensuality and greed, and inflame the senses. Each jewel thong is a unique erotic creation for wonderful sexy games : some thongs cover the dune of the pubis with splendor, others hide a delicious game and offer the skin, the sex, to more daring kisses, even the most intimate caresses. Others G-Strings play with the clitoris or penetrate the sex to enjoy infinite and sexual pleasures. Reveal your desire, unveil your mystery and succumb to new sensations.


G-String Jewelry

Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.