G-String Jewelry

Discover our selection of G-Strings jewelry for woman made in France. Sexy, exciting, provocative, Sylvie Monthulé’s G-Strings are exceptional intimate jewels created in gold and silver. They dress the woman’s body with voluptuousness and insolence, adorn the sex and the labias with pearls, rhinestones or chains, caress your secrets with sensuality and greed, and inflame the senses. Each jewel thong is a unique underwear creation for wonderful sexy games.

Erotic thongs of high quality and hypoallergenic.

Made with high quality materials and a 16 carat gilding with a 24 carat finish on metal or a 10 micron silver plating, the pubis jewels are entirely hypoallergenic. Their manufacture is made in France.

A comfortable sexy lingerie for all figures.

Whatever the jewel thong you choose, you will find it available in all sizes; S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL or if you prefer from 34 to 56. A table guides you for the correspondences of European, English and American sizes for each product. Our wish is to answer your desires of pleasure and seduction and to adapt the comfort of our jewels to all morphologies. Choose the thong in your usual lingerie size.

Naked thongs for the pleasure of seeing and being seen.

The jewel dresses the top of the pubis area and reveals the whole sex. We have a new vision of our nudity because the sex becomes a case. The jewel embellishes and eroticizes the sex. When we like to contemplate ourselves in front of the mirror, when we feel desirable, we want to offer ourselves to the eyes and we overflow with imagination to seduce.

Underwear with jewel pendants to give yourself pleasure.

Our thongs are designed with exciting pendants that graze the intimacy, titillate the lips or massage the vulva. It is so disturbing to touch yourself by slipping a set of beads between the lips of your sex. It is very stimulating to give oneself pleasure, to masturbate, by rubbing a long golden drop against one’s clitoris. And then in contact with the skin, the initially cold metal quickly warms up and it is a really intense sensation.

“Two in one” lingerie jewels both wise and naughty.

Some erotic creations for the female sex offer the possibility to wear the jewel with or without its sexual accessory. The soft version of the jewel gives way to the spicy version for more daring desires. Penetrating balls or caressing pendant will be invited to the chosen moment, thanks to a subtle system of hanging. An advantage that allows to alternate sensuality and excitement.

The different styles of pubis jewelry in our store.

You can discover dozens of underwear and panties jewelry:

  • open thongs with chains, pearls or rhinestones
  • thong coverings
  • leather thongs covering or semi-covering
  • sextoy thongs in the penetrating jewelry section

Each thong has its own design:

  • all in gold or silver
  • discreet and invisible under skirts
  • visual and very provocative
  • luxurious with enamel

All thongs are original creations of the brand Sylvie Monthulé

Thong with butterfly jewel, Goddess Isis, fan, flowers, scarab, cobra, hand sculptures or female body sculptures, etc… The ornaments that make up the intimate thongs have all been designed by Sylvie and are made in our workshops. You will not see our creations elsewhere, unless you are in the store of one of our official retailers.


The creator’s advice

For your first purchase of thong jewelry, do not necessarily choose the most sexual model to satisfy your partner. Think of yourself and choose the body jewel that you like and that looks like you. Being comfortable wearing a sexy underwear is essential! And then you can order a more libertine creation.

Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.