Feel the touch of a drop of hematite on the pubis… Feel the movement of the chains that are thrown over your sex, over your lips… In her collections, Sylvie Monthulé created G-strings, so sensual, so sexy, so provocative ! Discover all G-strings Jewelry for women, from the softest to the more daring, from the most intimitading to the naughtiest… Some thongs cover the dune of your pubis with splendor… others hide their delicious secrets and offer the skin, the sex, to more daring kisses, even the most intimate caresses… While others illuminate the body in secret to enjoy infinite pleasures ! Sexy “Cache-sexe”, G-strings with libertine pearls or erotic chains, thongs dressed in gold or silver … or penetrating strings for nights of ecstasy! Each G-string is a wonderful erotic encounter, a game for your senses… Sylvie Monthulé’s string jewelry covers the bodies of women… above, below, and inside !


G-String Jewelry

Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.