Vertigo of the senses G-String Jewel Gold


Marvel at the splendor of this G-String jewel of these two butterflies, gold and red, united on your sex. Their magnificent wings dress in different red shades and open in places, to let guess the nakedness of your pubic area… Giving in to intimate caresses, to the daring frolics of these butterflies and get heady with pleasure, when the libertine pendants from the G-string jewel, take your woman’s perfumes…when the drops play with your labia! An erotic jewel created for the vertigo of a red glowing ruby that you will feel up to your Venusian dimples.

Description & Material

Thanks to its soft cotton elastics, you position the jewel thong perfectly.

High 1-micron 16kt gilding and 24kt finish over base metal. Red enamel. Red stone on the back. Hypoallergenic.

SKU: ST180

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