Impatient Desire G-String gold


You contemplate the curved stone on your Mount of Venus. Its relief is so soft, so disturbing… Under the Hematite, suspended from the fine chains that caress your sex, a little man climbs up… He covets the stone, so brilliant, so attractive on your naked body… Then, a second, a third man, adorns your hips, also attracted by the shine of the hematite… Slide the men’s jewels over the elastic band; bring them closer to the stone, or slide them over your hips… A refined jewel g-string that plays with Gold and Silver and with your senses!


Description & Material

Thanks to its soft cotton elastics you will position perfectly the G-string.

G-String with hematite stone. The little men’s jewels slide over the elastics. Fine chains high gilding 1 micron 16 carat and 24 carat finish and small men in silver plated 10 microns. Black cotton elastics. Hand washable. Hypoallergenic.

SKU: ST176

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