Intimate Rose G-string


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A jewel g-string in the shape of a Rose! A sculpted Rose, as smooth as velvet, has bloomed on your pubis… The golden rose decorates your sex with beauty and delicacy, like an exquisite perfume, and invites you to pleasure : On each side of the rose, small golden pearls slide down your labias and caress your naked sex. Your secret garden is surrounded by softness, surrounded by gold and sensuality! Invite your lover to pick up your perfume, to deposit on a thousand kisses in the oval so sweet … A jewel g-string to say “I love you” and make love!


Description & Material

The soft elastic blackband allows you to place the Rose very high up on the pubis or just at the birth of sex. The Pearls are placed on each side of your labias.

High 1-micron 16kt gilding and 24kt finish over base metals. With golden pearls. Black elastics. Hand washable. Hypoallergenic.


Discover the jewels in harmony

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