“The Kiss of Isis” G-String Gold


Over the satin dune of your pubis, a golden goddess appears, sensual, naked. Her voluptuous body, spreading its black wings, is an erotic splendor. Sitting on a stone on fire, rounded and soft, so dismaying to the touch … Isis ignites your sex with rivers of gold. The pearl, insolent drop of pleasure, begins her erotic dance, brushing your sex, caressing your clitoris, snuggling between your lips … The drop surrenders to your most exciting whims! Point of pride to your beauty, a gold and black beetle will shine in your Venusian dimples.

Description & Material

Thanks to its soft cotton elastics, you will be able to position the jewel string perfectly.

High quality 1-micron gilding of 16kt and 24kt finish on metal. Black enamel. Topaz colored stone. Beetle on the back. Hypoallergenic.

SKU: ST184

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