Stimulating Jewelry :
secret sex jewelry !

Sexual jewelry for woman are like sex toy that delightfully penetrates the erogenous zones of your body. Wonderful stimulating jewels proposed in gold or silver, with soft and sublimes shapes to follow all the intimates movements of your body and invite you to pleasure. Take the time to discover our exciting jewelry!


What is a stimulating jewel?

On the web you can find a huge variety of sex toys for women, in all shapes and at all prices. We know less about physical and erotic jewellery which have the same effect: to bring you pleasure, spice up your intimate life and boost your sexual development.

Differences between sex toys and carnal jewelry?

1/ Most of the objects for adults like vibrators are made of silicone. Their quality has evolved a lot in recent years. Penetrating jewelry is made of classic materials used by the jewelry industry. An important advantage for the refinement side.

2/ Many sextoys are vibrating and are used in privacy, out of sight: the user chooses the strength of the vibration to give herself pleasure. She uses the item at home alone or as a couple. The non-vibrating genital jewelry is discreet and silent. They can be worn on many occasions at home in private, at sex parties, and even during the day without anyone around you suspecting their existence, which does not lack spice!

A range of feminine sex jewelry for every pleasure

G-strings with sex beads or with integrated sextoy, gold-plated geisha balls or vaginal balls, intimate eggs or erotic creations for anal and vaginal stimulation at the same time… Each piece has been designed to satisfy you and fulfil your most varied excitements.

Jewelry thongs with a removable penetrating part

These two-in-one jewels can be worn without or with their stimulating accessory. The woman can alternate between the soft and the spicy version by deciding whether or not to use the intimate pendant. Sometimes she wears a pubis ornament, sometimes a sexual ornament. In this spirit, we invite you to discover the sacred cobra jewel thong with its string of beads and the penetrating fan thong with its vaginal balls.

Sextoy jewels to spice up foreplay

We take eroticism up a notch with gourmet gems! They don’t just titillate your sex, they turn up the heat. These covers house a physical toy that provokes intense pleasure in total secrecy. This gives you ideas for naughty games: The leather thong with its jointed finger is already an endless ecstasy for you, but imagine the terribly exciting surprise effect for your partner when he discovers that your pubis jewel is really special.

Vaginal eggs and golden Geisha balls

Many women have already tried the traditional vaginal balls to tone up their vagina. So why not go for luxury Geisha balls? Sylvie Monthulé offers these wonders in hypoallergenic resin with original colours and a refined finish. In the same style you will love the intimate eggs! The sex eggs have an ideal shape for vaginal or anal penetration and several diameters are suggested. If you want to try out sex jewselry with a double penetration effect, the “double secret penetrating” eggs provide extraordinary sensations! Whether balls or eggs, have fun wearing them to tone your intimate muscles and feel their unsettling presence and exciting movements.

Hygiene and care tips

Here are some hygiene and care tips to keep all the qualities of your products.

For personal use only.

Only you should use the jewellery. It is yours and you must not lend it to others for reasons of hygiene.

Care after each use

Your jewellery should be cleaned with soapy water after each intimate use and then wiped with a soft cloth or terry towel. Do not disinfect it with alcohol, soapy water is sufficient. Store it in its case or in a box so that it does not collect dust. Remember that it is a piece of jewellery!

Is the use of a gel recommended?

It depends. Some people need a bit of lubricating gel before using their geisha balls or any other sex object. Others don’t need it. If you use a gel, choose a natural, water-based one.

Frequently asked questions about libido jewelry

It’s natural to have questions about the use of sex jewellery. The designer answers your most common questions below, but we’re sure we’ve forgotten many! Don’t hesitate to write to us by e-mail if you don’t find an answer to a specific question you have.

Does vaginal jewellery cause irritation?

This can happen if you wear it for a very long time! No woman uses a vibrator for hours on end or has sex all the time. Luckily! It’s the same principle with sex jewellery: it can be used very frequently but never permanently.

Can I use Geisha balls regardless of my age?

The vaginal muscles of a mature woman who has experienced pregnancy and a long and intense sex life often lose tone. The use of vaginal balls can promote muscle tone while providing pleasure. Insert them and squeeze your muscles for a few seconds to exert as much pressure around the jewel as possible, as if you were trying to “trap” the balls. With a little daily exercise you will soon notice the difference.

Do you recommend a jewel to stimulate the G-spot?

Yes, the Penetrating Aroma thong is ideal. The penetrating part of the flower is short and slightly curved upwards. The jewel presses on the upper walls of the vagina and thus on the G-spot. It is a very, very pleasant sensation that intensifies quickly and can lead to orgasm.

Which jewel do you recommend for my first purchase?

Two creations seem perfect to me: The finger sex cover because the length of the articulated finger corresponds to that of a man’s finger. It is a very exciting and beautiful piece of jewellery. The second one is the libertine fan to be worn with or without the sex balls, you can enjoy the jewel by going crescendo at your own pace and the balls have a reasonable diameter.

I have a fulfilled sex life, what will a sex jewel bring me more?

So much the better if your sexuality is rich and fulfilled! A varied sexuality full of surprises helps to maintain the harmony and desire between partners. There are always a thousand things to discover alone or together and intimate jewellery is one of them. It boosts sexual creativity: the woman discovers a new sensuality, tames new pleasures and imagines new love scenarios with her partner. A sex jewel makes it possible to break with monotony and to dare new experiences for her well-being and that of her couple. I could say so much more about the benefits of stimulation jewelry…

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