Intimate Ecstasy penetrating G-String gold


In the beautiful velvet case, you discover a blue sextoy in gold plated. Your eyes contemplate the long drop, your fingers caress its curves, its roundness… Naked in front of the mirror, you invite the sexual gem to slide in your sex! A sensation so exciting! Inside the jewel that covers your pubis, the articulated drop explores and caress your intimacy, stimulates all your senses. The erotic jewel follows your movements, with delight and its presence excites you! The blue ball massages your genitals. The excitement rises and your trouble is so hard to hide! Will you be able to keep the secret, for your “Rendez-vous” with your lover, this night… A unique and sublime penetrating jewel.


Description & Material

Thanks to its soft cotton elastics, you position the jewel Intimate Ecstasy perfectly. For all intimate morphologies Very comfortable.

G-string gold plated 3 micron on metal. Articulated drop. Penetrating part (7 cm) With blue or black ball in resin hypoallergenic : diameter 34 mm. Cotton elastics. Hand washable. Jewel Hypoallergenic.

SKU: ST174

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