Impatient Desire breasts necklace silver


A naughty gold and silver breast necklace that plays with your fantasies of women! The Desire becomes impatient… In your cleavage, three little men court your sensuality! Three little bodies of sexy men, dressed in gold, join with the fine silver chains that caress your breasts and embrace your erect nipples. Beauty of Gold and Silver that blend together, finesse of these men’s jewels that invite themselves on your skin… to discover everything about you.

Description & Material

Thanks to the neck adjustment chain, you will adjust as you wish your breasts necklace. Non-piercing, pain-free and sliding braces which adapt to all nipple diameters.

Minaiture men, 1-micron 16kt gilding and 24kt finish. Chains, silver plated 10 micron Hypoallergenic.


Discover the jewels in harmony

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