Secret Passion Hematite pearls breasts necklace silver


A sublime and sensual silver breast necklace dresses your bust and nipples with voluptuousness. In the hollow of your chest, a small man is hoisted on a hematite pearl. A lover hanging on your beauty! In the mirror, you admire this troubling jewel dancing between your breasts… It seems wise but the Silver Chains rise up to your breasts with passion, to embrace your nipples… You can feel on the skin their light beats, their exquisite caresses! Tonight your lover will discover the secret of this delicious jewel…

Description & Material

Thanks to the adjusttable chain, you can perfectly adjust your breasts collar. Pain-free, sliding, non-piercing braces, which adapt to all nipple sizes .

Silver plated 10 micron.. Hematite pearls with “jewel man” on pearl Hypoallergenic.


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