“Rain of pearls” nipples jewelry gold

pearl nipple intimate jewel gold
pearl nipple intimate jewel goldpearl nipple intimate jewel gold
as114 a bijoux seins pluie de perles or

A fine rain of golden pearls graze languidly your breasts. Each pearl glides over the skin like a delicate tear of rain, tear of love. Under your nipples, so tenderly embraced, the drops are agitated and a thousand caresses taste your voluptuousness.

55.00 €

Sold in pairs

Non-piercing Jewelry with breast ties.
Painless sliding insertion,
adaptable to all nipples sizes.

Very high quality gilding 1 micron 16 carat
and 24 carat finish on metal.

SKU: AS114

Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.