Labia Jewelry no piercing

Every woman’s sex is unique and not like any other. Whether small, long, thin or very fleshy, the labia are both the guardians of our intimacy and sources of pleasure. So why not adorn them with naughty jewelry? Discover our rings and intimate clips without piercing!


Learn more about the vaginal lips

The vulva, the external part of our sex, is made up of the clitoris button, the labia minora and the labia majora. Our beautiful slit is surrounded by these labia minora and majora, which are as soft as the petals of a flower. The labia minora or “nymphs” are sometimes hidden by the labia majora. They are thought to be almost “useless”, yet when they meet above the visible part of the clitoris, they form a lovely protective hood: the clitoral hood. By following the contour of the vulva, they also protect the entrance to the vagina.

Our vulva changes during arousal

During arousal, the labia minora and majora, like the clitoris, become hard and swollen. The vulva becomes wet and a lubricating fluid covers the surface of the labia and vagina. The female sex may change colour: the labia and clitoris turn pink or darken. During masturbation or sexual intercourse, many women experience a thickening and lengthening of the labia.

Let’s pamper our intimacy!

Let’s take care of this essential part of our body which offers us treasures of thrills and pleasure! To begin with, stop using the miracle products for intimate hygiene that flood the shelves of shopping centres: the flora of our sex naturally gets rid of bad bacteria and preserves the good ones. Any gynaecologist will tell you that water is enough. Then let’s give our sex (covered most of the time!) soft, quality cotton underwear. Finally, if you want to be fully or partially depilated, use non-allergenic depilatory creams for sensitive skin or go to a beauty salon that does semi-full or full bikini waxing.

Why sex jewelry?

It’s all about sensuality and body fulfillment! You want to decorate the most intimate erogenous zone of your body out of fantasy or to experience pleasure, for yourself and your partner. There are several kinds of intimate jewellery.

Lip or clit piercing

Some women take the plunge and offer themselves a genital piercing: clitoral or clitoral bonnet piercing, labia majora piercing… Intimate female piercings are coming back into fashion and have both an ornamental and sexual purpose. The woman feels desirable and sexier.

Vulva rings without piercings

Wearing non-piercing sex rings also responds to an intense desire for seduction and novelty! These gold-plated rings can be put in place in a few seconds at the level of the labia majora: All you have to do is discover the erotic caresses that the intimate rings and their pendants provoke and have fun thinking about the stimulating effect they will produce on your partner! Don’t hesitate to read our article on women’s sex rings, where you will find advice on how to position them properly and how to choose your model.

Your questions about sex rings.

Are your lip rings hypoallergenic?
Yes of course they are. They are made of brass and gold or silver plated without any allergenic substances.

Are there different sizes of rings?
No, there is only one diameter; 18 mm. A diameter that is both practical and discreet.

Why are the pendants removable?
This allows the rings to be worn with or without the pendants. But the jewels are much more pleasant with their chains or beads…

Can anyone see my rings under my skirt?
No one, unless your skirt is super transparent! An exciting scenario to dare, and one that I advise all couples in their intimacy…!

I find my lips very long, will the rings fit me?

A “perfect” sex does not exist! “I have very asymmetrical lips, too long or too short, or too wrinkled…”. We often read comments from women who are embarrassed by the aesthetic aspect of their sex on specialised forums. What a shame! We are all made differently and our vulva does not participate in a “beauty” contest! On the contrary, let’s take advantage of these intimate specificities that are unique to us! And yes, rings are perfect on very long lips!

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