Beauty and mystery of the buttocks

Beauty and mystery
of the buttocks

Ah the buttocks! The buttocks have always troubled and fascinated, and had to contend with religious diktats and strange fashions, yet our posteriors have aroused interest, fantasy and attraction since the dawn of time. Let’s find out a little more about this fleshy part of the body revered by artists, and lift the veil on these pretty dunes that are mostly hidden… well, almost!

What are buttocks?

The word “buttock” comes from the Latin fente or fissure. These two lovely fleshy masses are located at the back of our pelvis and are separated by the interfessial fold, whose course is completed by the anus. Our buttocks are proof positive of our evolution as “bipeds”! Yes, if they’re so rounded and visible, it’s because we’ve adopted the “standing” position, and the more we walk, the harder the gluteal muscles that make them up work! Not to mention the fact that these two cushions made of muscle and adipose tissue come in very handy when we decide to move into a sitting position.

An anthology of nicknames and shapes.

Buttocks have been given a whole host of names! In France, we say : derrière, postérieur, cul, popotin… Many nicknames have funny and/or slang connotations: croupe, croupion, miches, pétard, fouettard, jouflu… or downright hyper-serious and older ones like: séant, siège… Let’s forget about the hottest nicknames you’ll easily find on the web, and let’s remember this poetic image comparing our dear buttocks to the moon or the full moon: Don’t we say Show your moon!

No two buttocks are alike! Their size and shape vary from one individual to another, depending on sex, age, genes and morphology. Women’s buttocks are fuller than men’s, due to higher levels of estrogen. Men, on the other hand, tend to store more adipose tissue around the abdomen. Let’s take advantage of Mother Nature’s beautiful buttocks and stop finding them too flat or too prominent. Let’s not tire of these curves that accompany us every day, because… just like these gentlemen, our buttocks will gradually lose their curves as we age! There’s nothing we can do about it, unless we decide never to stop building up our muscles!


The buttocks in history and Art.

Butts haven’t always had the leading role, and sometimes no role at all : in the Middle Ages, they were equated with dirtiness and obscenity, as religion dictated! Nudity was associated with sin, and in pictorial representations, when people were painted nude, it was from the front, with cold, sad, frozen bodies, often punished or expelled from paradise. If people show their buttocks at country festivals to have fun, they also do it to chase away the Devil, because the Church has decreed that Satan is a beast without a buttock, and some religious raise their cassocks to scare the devil away!

In ancient Greece, the cult of the “perfect” body made it possible to expose the buttocks. Sculptors unveiled works in which the posteriors, draped or not, were full and harmonious, to give thanks to the beauty of the Gods and Goddesses. The ideals of beauty are set: The buttocks are muscular for Michelangelo’s David and luscious for Praxiteles’ Aphrodite. Muscular and strong for the man, graceful and voluptuous for the woman.

Sculpture and painting put the body and the buttocks in the spotlight. Whether biblical or mythological scenes, artists took a few liberties with the nude, since art was still art and in no way represented an incitement to debauchery!

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, painters put voluptuous buttocks and fleshy bodies on their canvases, as in François Boucher’s “Odalisque” (image presenting the article). Rubens and Rembrant were masters of the fleshy buttocks.

“The Bathers” Rubens.
“La Grande Odalisque” Ingres

Then came the period of realism, when artists of all stripes, in their quest for reality, depicted buttocks as they really are: imposing or slender, pink, bluish or pale, round or cubic, harmonious or curvaceous, cellulite-ridden or bony, old or young… Artists such as Vallotton, Matisse and Egon Schiele revealed buttocks that screamed truth and were no longer just symbols and attributes of seduction.

“Etude de fesses” Vallotton
“Les Baigneurs” Cézanne

The buttocks : sometimes battered by fashions

And yes, the buttocks too are subject to the diktat of fashion; after extolling the beauty of slim, almost “boyish” silhouettes, today’s fashion is for very, very generous buttocks. On social networks, some stars do their utmost to show off their bums, often resorting to cosmetic surgery to enlarge them. Over the past few years, cosmetic surgery has been on the rise, and more and more people are resorting to operations to plump up their behinds.

The shape of clothes is also changing: no more low-waisted jeans, the trend is towards high-waisted pants that mould the curves of the buttocks and lift them up without crushing them. Leggings and pants are now “push-up” to further shape our attributes. Just like the breasts, the buttocks are getting fuller.

Fashionistas and influencers say it over and over again: to be beautiful and sexy, you need a wasp waist, amphora hips and an oversized “ball” (posterior), so advice abounds to help a whole generation of women, young and old, become sex bombs! Intensive fitness sessions, body sculpting classes galore and the viewing of special videos, not to mention creams and oils of all kinds to perfect your efforts. We’ve just reached a new level of insanity with the sale of drugs designed to enlarge the posterior… How far will we go to satisfy this fashion which still consists in pleasing others, whatever the cost… before pleasing ourselves!

Did you know that…

Here are some terms and information specific to the buttocks. Some are well known, others less so.

Callipyge : adjective from the Greek (Kallos beauty and pugê buttocks), used to define a statue with a beautiful buttock or a woman with a luscious buttock.

Pygophilia : excessive attraction to buttocks, especially large buttocks.

Dimples of Venus or dimples of Apollo : small hollows that sometimes appear on the lower back and resemble dimples. Because of their erotic symbolism, they have been associated with Venus for women and Apollo for men.

Legend of Aphrodite’s buttocks : legend has it that two young peasant women, thanks to the beauty of their buttocks, succeeded in marrying two rich young men. They wanted to pay homage to Aphrodite by having a statue built in her honor, which they named “Aphrodite callipyge”: Aphrodite (or Venus) with a beautiful buttocks.

Mooning : showing your butt to the moon. Originally, mooning involved showing one’s buttocks to something or someone, as a sign of displeasure, insult, anger or mockery. Religious people used mooning to chase away the Devil, soldiers to mock the enemy, peasants to taunt their lords.

Hidden face : Our buttocks are considered the hidden face of our body, our second face, the one we don’t see, hence the nickname moon.

Selfesse: the act of taking a photo of your buttocks.


The erotic power of the buttocks

An object of fantasy, the buttocks have an incredible power of seduction and excitement. Since the dawn of time, they have attracted attention, inspired dreams and aroused envy and lust. They take on languorous positions, slip into enticing outfits to play on the nerves of the beholder. In short, buttocks are dressed in infinitely sexy lingerie and body chains to enhance their curves and curves.

A fascinating game of hide-and-seek

Except in private or when the season invites us to frequent sandy beaches, the buttocks are permanently clothed, and therefore hidden from view. So the imagination never stops wandering as we discover the breathtaking arch of the loins of that woman who has just crossed the street, or that man on a bike whose jeans divinely mold the buttocks. Mystery is the number 1 ingredient in exalting our senses.

Lace and satin to dress and undress them

G-strings, shorties, thongs, panties… the lingerie that covers our buttocks takes many forms and features soft materials such as lace, satin and silk. Taking care of your bottom, dressing it in fine lingerie for the pleasure of taking care of yourself and for the pleasure of making yourself desirable has become part of our culture.

A magical erogenous zone

We’ve all had fun arching our backs lasciviously in front of the mirror, or adopting suggestive positions to arouse powerful desire in others. Our buttocks love to be caressed, kissed, licked, kneaded, embraced… Whether you’re a fan of soft or hard caresses on our pretty dunes, or a fan of the art of the fairy, whether or not you’re a fan of anilingus or sodomy, our posterior is an inexhaustible source of pleasure. The most important thing is to listen to your body and what it likes.

Jewelry chains to eroticize their curves

Sylvie Monthulé has designed body jewelry to adorn the arch and caress the buttocks. These elegant and unsettling body jewels have been designed to be worn on the naked body to feel all the erotic effects : the woman who wears a jewel for the buttocks will feel with delight the caresses of the naughty pendant that insinuates itself between the two curves of her buttocks. Bold pendants, full drops, pearls wiggle and slide into the gluteal fold.


Which piece of jewelry for the buttocks ?

Visit the waist jewelry section to discover our selection of gold and silver buttock jewellery. All are adjustable from size S to size XXL, and by measuring your waistline you can easily choose the one that suits you best. The latest collection features a secret garden chain and a chain love rose, but many other models are also on offer: a mermaid tail buttock chain, a suculpture penis waist chain, an Isis breath kidney waist chain or a sexy red wing waist jewel, etc… Each creation is dedicated to the sensuality of the female buttocks.


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