The “Breath of Isis” Lower Back Waist Chain Gold

64,35 70,92 


All around your hips, a chain sparkles and the Goddess Isis appears in your lower back! Its black and gold wings, so soft, sparkle with the sun. Unexpected provocation, Isis invites a long pendant to slip into the line of your buttocks: burst of fire, chain and pearl weave between your curves, like a long river of love, a river of caresses … A chain for extraordinary pleasure.

Description & Material

Indicate in the block the size of your choice: S, M, L, XL …. Whatever size you choose our waist jewels have an adjustment for a perfect fit to your preference.

High quality 1-micron gilding of 16kt and 24kt finish on metal. Black enamel. Topaz colored stone. Hypoallergenic.


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