Why wear ankle jewelry

Wear ankle jewelry

In the summer, we often see pretty bracelets glittering on women’s ankles on the beach. These charming accessories are sometimes worn on a daily basis. Do you know their past symbols and why they have become trendy?

Origin of the ankle chain

The ankle chain is very old! Archaeologists have found this jewelry in tombs dating back more than 4000 years. But already 3000 years before our era, Egyptian women wore them on a daily basis. In India, foot jewelry has been a tradition for centuries. In France, there is archaeological evidence of the existence of metal objects designed to embellish the foot as early as the Bronze Age. Throughout the world, anklets have adorned women’s bare feet or sandals for thousands of years.

The differents symbols of anklets in the history

Today in Europe, anklets are chosen for their glamour and coquetry like any other piece of jewellery. But it has not always been so. Over the course of civilisations and cultures this jewelry has symbolised one’s rank in society, one’s family status and even one’s religious, spiritual and even sexual identity.

Adorn the ankle to show the wealth

In the Egyptian dynasties, a woman shows her wealth with her clothes, hairstyle and jewelry. A person of high rank such as a princess wears anklets made of precious stones and gold or strings of pearls. The low-class Egyptian woman adorns the arch of her ankle with metal ornaments and worthless decorations. In Africa, in some regions, one shows one’s wealth by the number of rings that surround the limbs, both feet and arms.

The anklet indicate the family status

In India, the married woman wears ankle jewelry since the dawn of time and from the day of her wedding to attest to her family status. These ornaments are made of one or more chains sometimes connected to foot rings. The custom sometimes involved hanging metal bells on the chains so that the married woman could be heard coming into the house. In West Africa, it is traditional for young women to wear jewelry on their ankles until they become mothers.

Religious celebrations with body jewelry

Jewelry is very often worn during religious or funeral celebrations or rites. Toros created for women’s ankles, made of heavy metal and engraved, are used to accompany religious celebrations among certain African peoples. In general, in ancient times too, the body is covered with jewelry from head to toe to celebrate birth and/or death.

Reveal your sexuality with an ankle chain

Not long ago, the ankle chosen to receive the chain revealed your sexual inclination. Thus if the jewel was placed on the right foot of the woman, she was heterosexual, if on the contrary it was placed on the left foot, she was homosexual.

Variety of ankle collars today

This is fashionable jewellery! There is a huge variety of them and on the web: women can discover thousands of high end models or with various non-precious finishes. Some shops also offer foot necklaces designed as wristbands. Flexible with an adjustable system or rigid, foot bracelets have a bright future ahead of them and they no longer have a specific symbolism. Only the pleasure of embellishing one’s body is in order :

high quality gold or silver plated chains
bracelets with coloured charms
foot collars with beads on nylon thread

The beauty of ankle jewelry

Are you looking for a quality ankle chain, original, refined and made in France? On Sylvie Monthulé’s website you will discover unique and out of the ordinary creations. Each piece of jewellery adorning the ankle is created with a precise theme related to an intimate collection.

Bracelets with Egyptian symbols : Some creations directly inspired by the God Horus, available gold or silver plated and with 2 adjustment settings.

Sparkling rhinestones on chain : The sparkle of pure diamond or pink rhinestones. Fine and delicate jewellery sets that sparkle on your legs with charm and boldness.


Elegant and elaborate pendants : Adorable pearls in the form of finely sculpted drops, for sensuality and voluptuousness. Emotional jewellery to make a statement!

Chains for thin or thick ankles

Women’s legs can be very thin or thicker. That’s just nature! But you may be wondering if we can make an anklet to fit you. Indeed, most of the top-of-the-range chains are made of welded mesh and have “standard” settings of 22 and 25 cm. Sylvie Monthulé answers your questions.

My ankle size is 28 cm, can I order a model from you ?

Yes, but with a thicker chain than the ankle models offered in the online shop. Send us an e-mail and tell us which model you like on our website, and tell us in cm your ankle size. To measure, go around your ankle with a thread and add 2 cm. We will send you your chain with 2 adjustment points: you can wear it tight or loose.

My legs are very, very thin, I find rarely jewelry in my size

Again, my workshop can make a piece of jewelry for you, with a thicker chain. In gold or silver, you can choose.

Are your ankle chains strong ?

The links of our bracelets are welded and therefore very resistant. To avoid your jewel breaking, I advise you not to wear a chain that is too tight or too narrow. The bracelet must be able to follow all the movements of the foot, freely without hindering you.

When to wear a gem for ankle?

These little jewels are very popular in spring and especially in summer! The nakedness of the foot allows a lot of fantasy and lends itself to ornaments. Whether you are wearing flip-flops, sandals or ballerinas, the sun encourages you to adorn your body! Some women choose to keep their ankle chain on almost all year round: it doesn’t matter if it’s hidden under jeans, they don’t want to take it off.

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