Sex rings for woman

Sex rings for woman

Discover our selection of gold and silver plated vulva jewellery. Our rings for the female sex adorn the labia minora and majora. Non-piercing, hypoallergenic and painless, these naughty ornaments are easy to place and will enhance your sex by spicing up your intimate and sexual life.


Tips for putting on your sex rings

You have just received the rings you ordered and you are wondering how to position them easily? The best way is to sit down and slightly “pull” your lips and then open the first ring and slide your lip into the opening. Take a small mirror to see closely what you are doing and you will be able to place the two rings in an aesthetic and comfortable way. Very often women wear them quite low on the labia majora; the jewels are clearly visible, and the effect is more sexy! If your rings are correctly positioned, you should feel the exciting touch of the jewellery when you walk and feel perfectly comfortable. Wearing non-piercing sex rings may seem surprising for the first few hours, but very soon the body appreciates their presence and loves the erotic effects they produce! Do not wear them under trousers or other clothing that would cover them completely as you will not feel the caresses of the jewellery. Lip sets are of course designed to adorn the naked vulva! Removing the rings is just as easy as putting them on: by grasping the little plunger at the end of one side of the ring, it will open automatically and you can slide the ring back on and free your labia.

A large choice of vulva rings

Our online intimate jewellery shop offers a wide selection of sex sets at very affordable prices, ranging from 50 to 70 euros per pair of rings. Sylvie Monthulé’s vulva rings all have the same ideal diameter of 18 mm. Many creations for the dressing of the female sex are available in gold or silver, i.e. gold-plated or silver-plated on metal. Originally and since ancient times, many civilizations practiced piercing the female sex and adorned it with a single ring or two, mostly in gold. Many piercing rings today are made of stainless steel. To intensify the shine of an ornament intended to dress the sex, we have chosen gold and silver. Our non-piercing rings are always sold in pairs and have a different design due to the naughty, removable pendants that make up the rings: chains with rhinestones or chains with pearls, drops or specific ornaments linked to a sexy theme. The pendants hanging from the rings add a touch of beauty and elegance and, above all, offer a variety of erotic sensations: long sexy pearls, coloured stones at the end, sets of sensual chains, miniature jewels in various shapes that flirt with the skin… Choose your intimate rings with glittering rhinestones or more sober rings, all gold or all silver or even dressed with coloured primers, and if you prefer to adorn your intimacy using only the rings, you can remove the pendants!

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