The secrets of the Forbidden Garden collection.

Sylvie Monthulé has just launched her new collection of intimate jewelry and the title “The forbidden garden”, is an evocation of temptation and forbidden pleasures. The designer wanted to answer the most frequently asked questions from her loyal admirers about these new creations, and reveals where she drew her inspiration, the erotic significance of these body jewels and what makes them so provocative!

Where did you find your inspiration this year?

In what my eyes see every day, i.e. in nature, and more precisely in the unsettling beauty of this nature that surrounds us and conceals a thousand marvels. Flowers and fruit awaken our senses, drawing provocative, sensual shapes that remind us of the mysteries of our own bodies, the voluptuousness of our erogenous zones.

Why create apple-shaped jewelry?


The apple has always been the forbidden fruit, the fruit of sin in which Eve bit! The symbolism was just too tempting! This fruit alone evokes both the pleasures of the flesh in terms of gluttony, and the carnal pleasures associated with the body.

So imagining sexy apples in gold or silver to symbolize desire was easy. The apple breasts and apple waist jewels in my collection are already crunched : another nod to gourmandise in all its forms, whether culinary or sexual. The body’s erogenous zones are like sweet fruit, just waiting to be tasted and enjoyed to the full.

The forbidden fruit apple thong is a reminder of the female sex?

Of course! A sliced apple, cut in half, evokes the vulva with delight. In the center of the tender flesh, you can see the edge of the labia, the entrance to the vagina, and if a little growth has naturally crept in, you can easily guess the still-wise clitoris…

The aesthetics of the heart of the fruit are a perfect match for the female sex. My forbidden fruit thong was designed with this in mind, and is a jewel to be savored first with the eyes, before enjoying the caresses that spread across the skin when worn! The sex is adorned with a delicious fruit thong that begs to be tasted, kissed and loved…

Are corolla flowers allegories of desire?


I mentioned nature earlier, and the astonishing treasures it reveals before our very eyes… Many flowers, such as orchids, lilies and arums, have very erotic shapes, and the Arum Lily in particular, with its sometimes superbly erect pistil is an allegory of rising desire.

To design the g-string flower pistil gold or silver, I spent a long time on these flowers that seem to reveal their desire! The long drop coiled in the jewel-like corolla rises up like a sex swollen with desire, symbolizing both clitoris and penis. The flower’s exciting pistil is all the more visible for its hematite hue, which contrasts with gold or silver. You want to touch the corolla, slide your fingers inside to caress the prominent pistil.

The pistil flower g-string is a delight to wear: the pendants escaping from the pistil tangle all over the sex and are incredibly exciting. The movements of the chains and droplets strike the lips adorably, but at the same time diffuse vibrations in the metal and it feels as if the whole flower is breathing on the sex!

I’m sure that women will also fall under the spell of my line of miniature arum jewelry to adorn their nipples, and that they’ll also love discovering arums in waist chain versions, earrings and pendants. The female model posing for the collections fell in love with the pistil flowers and took several pieces of jewelry home with her!

You designed the Roses jewels to evoke love and passion?


The collection is about a Garden, and the rose has a special place in it. The red rose has always been the symbol of love. But I wanted to create Roses jewelry with truly sensual, barely-opened flowers, just dressed in gold and transparent sparkles like dew.

The breast necklace love rose, is a jewel of infinite voluptuousness that highlights the sensuality of the loved one: the budding flower seems to have just opened, gradually revealing the drop that slips between the breasts like a new perfume to be discovered…

Intimate Rose jewelry is like a hidden flower that sometimes has to be plucked from the body’s secret garden : women will love adorning their buttocks with the waist chain love Rose, and succumb to the thong in harmony!

Foliage jewelry, a nod to Adam and Eve?


Almost! We return to the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve, aware of their nudity, hide and conceal themselves behind the foliage… It’s a pity that the naked body is perceived as taboo and so often censored. Nudity is so beautiful!

The gold or silver leaf line is available for women as mini thongs, breast jewelry, waist jewelry and for men I’ve created leaf penis and testicle jewelry. These are body jewels that play with the velvet of the skin, that hide magnificently without hiding anything, that dress deliciously without masking anything.

The Garden secret thong jewel is an intimate jewel, a jewel you can’t wait to unveil! Because the Golden Leaf, inspired by a real tree leaf with its veins and unparalleled softness, sparkles on your Mount Venus and illuminates your femininity. It veils nothing of your intimacy, merely caresses and sublimates it. Other golden leaves hypnotize the eye, curled in your cleavage or nestled in the crack of your buttocks!

Each jewel leaf is an invitation to the body’s effeuillage… and even more! The delicious garden thong offers you ecstasy as you slip a smooth, black ball inside you, a ball that will transform your secret garden into a forbidden garden!


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