Erotic kisses jewelry

The kiss is the most beautiful way to show your love, your desire, with sensuality or passion. There are various forms of kisses, but let’s only talk about those that are linked to seduction and sexuality. We kiss the person to whom we wish to show our attraction for an intimate or loving relationship, we kiss for a long time with passion the one we love… A kiss can be romantic, loving, fiery like the famous “French Kiss”… Kissing our partner is a language for our feelings and our body. Sylvie Monthulé has created the erotic kissing jewels to embody in beauty these wonderful caresses that we lavish everywhere!


Body jewel in shape of kisses

To evoke with emotion the kisses that are placed on the skin, almost furtively, on the neck or on the hand, you will discover the seductive kissing jewelry. Elegant little jewelry sculptures in the shape of naughty mouths: the adorable kissing earrings or the kissing bracelet are delightful body adornments available in high gold or silver plated. They adorn parts of the body always visible, for fun, to display the desire for stolen kisses. Traditional jewelry such as pendants, earrings, ankle chains can also carry sexy messages and reveal the personality of the wearer. It is enough that the shape of the jewel, its aestheticism, its design, plunges us in a sexy universe. Discovering charming sensual and golden mouths hanging from a woman’s ears, sharpens the curiosity!

Nipple kisses jewelry

Let’s continue talking about kissing, exploring the places on the body where we like to kiss in a more intense way! Breasts are wonderful places to kiss. Women love to be kissed softly and tenderly on the nipples; tongue strokes, long caresses with the fingers… This area can be sensitive to kisses that are too intense, too “rough”. So to gently spice up these very intimate kisses, we have designed miniature sculpture jewellery in the shape of soft, delicate, fleshy lips to adorn the nipple. Nipple kiss jewelry is a delightful body adornment that embraces the nipple with tenderness. These ornaments stimulate breast excitement and add originality to foreplay. You’ll even find sex rings in the same creative line, made of chains and miniature kisses that dress up the sex!

Kisses jewels to spice up sexuality

Some kisses during sex, such as cunnilingus or fellatio, are a part of the sexual games that lead to pleasure. Of course, they are not systematically practised, but they are an integral part of the sexual well-being of the couple. Some erotic jewels dare to symbolise the pleasure of these oral caresses. The kiss me jewel thong is a call to intimate and greedy kisses: these golden or silver lips, so voluptuous, so luscious, which adorn the pubis are the image of this magical and intense kiss that is cunnilingus. The cascade of chains and gold drops that escape from the jewel and that deliciously titillate the whole of the sex, is similar in beauty to the drops of pleasure that flood the female sex. This kissing jewel on the naked sex is a lovely way to say to your partner, “kiss me”. The intimate kiss jewel for penis has the same erotic intensity: the sensual, round female lips that embrace the base of the penis invite passionate kisses that men love. By revealing the intimate jewel that embraces his sex, the man fantasises about the sexual design of the jewel and its effects. Intimate kissing bracelets are an elegant way to get out of the routine, to invite the other to respond to his desires. After all, sex jewellery should be admired up close!  After this eulogy of the kiss, all you have to do is choose the kissing jewel that will naughtily dress your earlobes, or sensually adorn your nipples, or even the voluptuous lips jewels that will sublimate your most secret erogenous zone! Kissing is an art!

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