Sculpted gold penis

Sculpted gold penis

Unlike the female body, which is defined by beauty and sensuality, the male body is perceived differently. Femininity is associated with curves, roundness and harmony. Masculinity rarely has the right to be called “beautiful” and when we talk about the penis, for example, we mainly talk about its performance, its efficiency, its size, etc… rarely is aestheticism mentioned. The penis sculpture jewellery overturns this adage and adorns the male and female body with brilliance!


The beauty of the penis

According to aesthetic codes, the penis would not appear “beautiful” in the true sense of the word and would be neither sensual nor harmonious. Often hidden and covered with drapery, or miniaturised, the sex of the Greek statues of Apollo had to be discreet and small, not fitting the ideal standards of beauty. The greatest artists in the past had to comply with societal and religious dictates and not show the male organ, on pain of censorship. Michel-Ange was obliged to ask his apprentices to paint draperies to hide the naked sexes of men on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The canons of beauty and harmony of the body are however very relative! Sylvie Monthulé has created gold and silver penis sculptures to highlight the long-ignored beauty of the male sex and transform it into a work of erotic art! The beauty of a jewel can disinhibit beliefs and prejudices, because a jewel, even a daring one, is created to embellish and seduce.

Penis sculptures as body jewelry

Let’s show the penis in all its splendour, let’s dare to make it an ornament! In her new collection, the intimate jewellery designer has designed jewelry in the shape of a penis, to make refined erotic sculptures: These sculpted sexes become naughty pendant jewellery, intimate breast adornments and even daring jewellery thongs. Beauty for these very realistic sexy works which represent the man’s sex in all its details: the penis sculpted in miniature which is revealed in the female cleavage, is noticed from afar and is contemplated closely with the refinement of the hand which embraces it… The gold or silver penis that adorns the pubis, captured by a sensual drape of chains, will be of the most beautiful effect to seduce your partner with audacity… As a pendant, a breast necklace or a jewel thong, sculpted penises are body jewelry, beautiful and disturbing jewels to dress up women’s bodies!

Originality and humour in erotic creation

In this hectic world where our daily life is punctuated by the necessities of life, we need fantasy and lightness. In our relationships and our sexual life, originality and humour are breath of fresh air and assets of seduction. To escape the “classic” aspects in our quest for seduction, let’s add a note of mischief, of audacity! Let’s dare to use different erotic accessories, let’s imagine new and original sexy outfits! A necklace in the shape of penis, fine and finely worked, glittering wisely on the skin and eroticizing your bust, will give a brand new twist to this little romantic evening… Let’s have fun with this fantastic treasure that is our body, and let’s dress it with surprising intimate jewels to approach sexuality with more naturalness. The jewel that caresses your sex tonight is a jewelled penis, as soft as velvet and in front of the mirror, you are already smiling at the idea of the moment when you will reveal the jewel! Let’s give ourselves time to please and time to laugh at our little follies. Laughter and humour are essential to talk about our desires in love, our sexual desires. An intimate piece of jewellery that combines fantasy and beauty will be our best weapon to escape the seriousness of sexual monotony.

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