Sylvie Monthulé’s topless jewelry bras

Sylvie Monthulé's topless jewelry bras

Whether for intimacy or to spice up your libido, wear an open bra to first enjoy the sensation of “bare breasts”, so pleasant and liberating. We all want to feel our bodies breathe, to be free of any hindrance. As for the sexy effect, it is guaranteed:  we can’t resist the vision of nipples pointing deliciously under a bodice…

Creation “Impatient Desire”

A selection of open bra jewelry

In her online shop, Sylvie Monthulé offers a wide range of sexy bust jewellery. Bra and bustier jewellery is available in gold with an excellent 1 micron 16 carat gilding and 24 carat finish, or in 10 micron silver.

Very erotic topless bras.

Just like fine lingerie, they fully uncover your breasts, while dressing them in gold or silver. They enhance the sensuality of your female form. If you want to look very sexy and enchanting, open bras keep their promises and are not lacking in charm and originality!

satin straps dress your shoulders

Topless lingerie in chain and pearl

Some topless models are made entirely with sweet chains to enhance your breasts and satisfy women who want a complete jewel bra, without any fabric. This is the case of the bra with its hematite pearl, with a sober and pure charm.

Satin and rhinestone bras

Others come with satin straps and beautiful crystals. Like the Brandenburg Bra or Satin Nightcap Jewel, nothing is too beautiful to adorn your chest!

Transparent bustier jewellery!

And if you prefer to reveal all your feminine assets, bustiers will be perfect for bewitching your lover: who could resist the voluptuousness of the trap drape in gold or silver, with the mesh of chains caressing your uncovered and erect breasts!

Erotic and sensual lingerie for your body

Exciting bras without breaking the bank

Our Topless lingerie is of excellent quality and comes at a very affordable price. You can expect to pay between 95 and 115 euros for a top-quality topless bra, which is equivalent to the price of a branded undergarment in most shops.

Open bras for all breast sizes

You can easily find the model you like and be sure that it suits your morphology. A, B, C, or even D cups, the opening of the chains around the breasts has been designed to suit all breast sizes. And you can adjust the neck and back settings of your naughty bra, and whether your figure is small or large, it will fit you perfectly.

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