Impatient desire Bra jewel gold


A very sensual and sexy bra: two satin straps dress your shoulders. On each strap, two little jewels appear, two little “men’s bodies” … A topless bra that becomes a jewel bra, which reveals your breasts, your nudity. The chains embrace your breasts with sensuality and sensuality. A small “jewel man” is suspended between the curves of your breasts. A ravishing body jewel, which caress your bust and dress it in gold and silver, in complete harmony with the jewel g-string “impatient desire”. Play with your sexy bra, slide the “little men” on the straps!


Description & Material

A very comfortable bra, topless, that covers all the sizes thanks to its neck and back adjustments.

Bra with straps in Black Satin. The small “men’s bodies” slide over the straps. Jewel with high gilding 1 micron 16 carat and 24 carat finish. Small men in silver plated 10-micron. Fine chains and chains for adjustments (neck and back) Hypoallergenic.


Discover the jewels in harmony

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