“Impatient desire” Bra jewel silver


If you dream of a very sensual bra that adorns your breasts and your bust, you’ll love the refinement and naughty details of the “Impatient Désir” bra. On the two black satin straps that caress your shoulders, two jewels representing miniature men, slide… The silver chains embrace your breasts and your body with softness and effrontery. A third little man, adorable jewel suspended sways between your sensual curves !The chains embrace your bust with softness and effrontery… A charming bra jewel, which ornaments in Gold and Silver… Move the little men on the satin straps, play with the design of the intimate jewel !

Description & Material

A very comfortable bra which covers all cup sizes and that you can adjust with its neck and back adjustments.

Black Satin straps. Small men’s bodies slide on the shoulder straps. Jewel with chains silver plated 10 microns and ornaments 1 micron 16 carat and 24 carat finish on metal. Fine chains. Chains for neck and back adjustments. Hypoallergenic.


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