what is sensual love ?

what is sensual love ?


Let’s face it, in order to make a couple’s life a success, it is often necessary to add a little spice. But with the passage of time, the vagaries of life and children, it is sometimes difficult to come up with ideas. Are you familiar with the concept of sensual love?

Sensual love in the couple

No, sensual love is not a new term invented to be fashionable. It is a state of mind based on two words well known to couples. First, the word love, which is the cement of the couple, which is the feeling that takes you in the belly and allows you to see life in pink. And the word sensual, which refers to the pleasure of the senses, which is linked to touch, taste, sensations and the discovery of the other’s body. There is nothing vulgar about wanting to practice sensual love, quite the contrary. It is rather about sharing intimate and intense moments in the cocoon of one’s couple, without falling into the trashy or trivial. It’s about having a beautiful experience together.

Sensual attitude more than a concept

As we said above, practising sensual love is more a state of mind than a mere hobby. In concrete terms, living a sensual love with your partner means awakening desire through small regular attentions, with a sensual attitude, or through small surprises. The way you touch your partner, the way you surprise him or her with your outfit for example, the way you talk to him or her, this is what is sensual and at the same time proves your love for him or her. Creating a sensual love relationship means a certain subtlety in your exchanges and a great complicity.

The importance of living a sensual love

You may decide that sensual love is not for you and that your life as a couple is already more than enough, out of modesty or lack of time. That said, sensual love is as necessary for you as it is for your partner. In concrete terms, sensual love creates desire in the couple and a couple that desires each other and is sexually active is a couple that lasts. As you know, a couple’s sexual activity represents 60% of its stability.

The sensuality to spice up your relationship

In the term sensual love, there is the word sensual. And what could be better than sensuality to stimulate the senses and desire? If you want to spice up your life as a couple with sensuality, there are several ways to do so, and one of these ways is to be original. Indeed, have you thought of using erotic jewellery to surprise your partner? These small, original and very sensual ornaments can be used for both men and women and will surprise your other half with elegance, who will be delighted to see them bloom on your body. An erotic jewel is as precious and beautiful to look at as a nightie or a beautiful set of underwear, but it also provides your body with a significant plus that will create fantasies in the mind of the one who discovers you.

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