For an incredibly erotic Valentine’s Day, dare to build a naughty scenario.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we are already starting to dream of a very sexy and very naughty evening ! But for this evening to be unforgettable, we want to imagine a whole program : find a romantic and exciting scenario that will be just as important as the caresses and tender love making to come… For Her, turn into a sublime seductress, woman fatal… For Him, become the charmer, the seducer, the lover… For Valentine’s Day, why not give in to the temptation to play with his nerves, to annoy, to excite… without him (or she) can touch what he wants ! Sylvie Monthulé offers you alluring scenarios with the torrid complicity of her erotic jewelry !

Play the femme fatal with a sexy jewel

Men love to be surprised, we play with them ! Have fun becoming “another”, daring scenarios : give him an appointment in an intimate restaurant that you have carefully chosen with long tablecloths on the tables… because the only thing you wear under your elegant skirt, will be a sexually freeing jewel ! Why not a jewel string adorning your pubis, an open thong… why hide your genitalia ! You prefer a scenario in person, at home, with your lover? In addition to the special little meal that you have planned, he will discover you dressed in a sheer garment under which will shine a beautiful and provocant breast necklace… jewelry that he will not have the right to touch before the end of the meal! You could also imagine giving him a penis jewel… and demanding to put it on him. He will have to let go and obey your whims : you will slip a ring or a bracelet around the glans,… or you will adjust on the base of his penis, a bracelet made of chains ! With your care, the fitting of this erotic jewel, will be a great way to continue the evening !

Offer her an intimate jewel to make love for a long time

And if you too, on the evening of Valentine’s Day, offer the chosen one of your heart, a jewel of a refinement, to tell her that you love her, that you desire her… that you dream of seeing her labia adorned with these two no piercing rings of gold… then you becomes crazy at the thought, imagining the delicious curve of her pubis, caressed by the beads of this daring thong ! The vision of an erotic jewel on a woman’s body, almost naked, disturbs men, and the preliminary thought drags on forever, because we never tired of rediscovering the finery of a partner, we never tired to explore it, to greedily embrace these secret areas of the body adorned with voluptuous jewels ! The body of a woman, her curves… are always more exciting, more wonderful, when intimate jewelry is invited !

I wish you a sexy Valentine’s Day !



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