The 10 intimate jewelry stars for Christmas

The 10 intimate jewelry stars
for Christmas

The end of the year celebrations are the perfect time to offer to the one you love, a special gift, a beautiful and sexy erotic jewel. Sylvie Monthulé presents the 10 jewels that made you fall in love this year! Successful creations, sensual, sexy, daring or sexual. What to give you naughty and spicy ideas to celebrate the holidays!  


Love at first sight for
the isis jewel lingerie set

The erotic collection inspired by Egypt is always an incredible success. But you have a marked attraction for the jewel lingerie set in gold version representing the Goddess Isis. The effect produced by these jewels worn under a transparent negligee is of an unparalleled voluptuousness. Offering a nude goddess in gold and black to adorn the breasts and sex of your companion will be a magnificent gift!


Your favorite jewel to declare your love

You loved the jewel passion of lovers. It lives up to its name! These two naked bodies, embraced and sculpted with finesse really seduced you, in gold as well as in silver. The fusion of this man and this woman, of these two lovers, of their passion has disturbed you! If you declared your passion at Christmas by offering her a jewel symbolizing love!


The clit jewel king of pleasure

It is the undeniable star of our creations dedicated to female pleasure: the excite clitoris jewel. Since its launch in 2018, hundreds and hundreds of women have adopted it and this year again it remains the most ordered sexual gem. And you can’t stop writing to us to praise its effects. So, under the Christmas tree, if you slipped a jewel imagined for her only pleasure!


Your favorite gourmet sextoy

If you wish to offer a sexy and refined delicacy, the intimate egg jewel is ideal! Men and women choose the penetrating egg to vary the pleasures: vaginal jewel or anal jewel, according to your desires, you will slip it in your handbag or your purse, to take it with you almost everywhere. Succumb to its design and order it for a tasting without moderation!


The best of the sex ring sets

The idea of adorning the lips of the female sex by avoiding piercing, and to be able to “compose” its own jewel, seduces more and more. The gold or silver kissing intimate ring set with its removable pendants has become the essential body jewel among the different models of adornments intended to adorn the vulva. A great “multi-jewel” and “multi-sensations” gift since the one who will receive the present will wear her rings with the draped chains, or with the hematite pendants or the pure rings! To vary the pleasures, in secret or not…


Crush of heart for Penis knockers

You have succumbed to their pure and sober aestheticism and especially to the rebellious caresses of their imposing pendant that hits the testicles. These intimate creations that men can wear on a daily basis, skillfully mix comfort and strong sensations, and do not lack interest when the sexual partner discovers them! The gold or silver sex knocker has become one of your favorite erotic accessories in couple games. Give it away! Mister will be delighted and so will you!


The cobra jewels bewitch you

The sacred cobra jewel thong and the sacred cobra testicle jewel are among the top sellers. Apart from their beauty and erotic power thanks to the hematite strings that caress the erogenous zones, couples have appreciated the black and silver snakes that are harmoniously declined in pubic jewelry and penis jewelry. The man and the woman can wear together an intimate jewel in harmony! Take the time to discover the cobras for Him and for Her, and succumb to their design and their sexy appeal!


The nectar of pleasure always a star

Both clitoral and vaginal jewel, the nectar continues to be in the news since 2009. Thousands of copies have been sold to women who feel good about their bodies and are looking for new sensations. This exceptionally refined sex ornament has since been clearly surpassed by the gold clitoris jewel. Women may prefer to stimulate one erogenous zone at a time! The nectar is still a sublime jewel to offer!

The secret caress thong, a magical success!

Some jewels have such a particular charm and give off such a natural voluptuousness, that we immediately want to wear them. This jewel symbolizes all the sensual caresses that one can imagine on the pubis: two golden hands of an exquisite softness meet on the bulge of the sex and embrace a round stone crystal color… The jewel is all the more erotic as the pendants that graze the skin reveal all the nudity of the sex and its shivers. Close your eyes, imagine the jewel on the one to whom you intend it and offer her a Christmas full of secret caresses!


Colored nipple jewelry,
naughty gifts that are popular

To close the hit parade of your intimate jewelry, let’s talk about nipple jewelry, sold in pairs and infinitely pleasing. The new “Ocean of Caresses” collection has just been launched and yet Ocean’s secret nipple jewels are already little stars, just like the scarab breasts and the butterfly wings…  All of them are presented on the website in gold or silver colors with a little extra charm: a colored stone or an enamel.  What to please for the New Year celebrations, to all those who like the brightness of an original sexy jewel.

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