Choose a penis jewel

Choose a penis jewel

Before to choose a penis jewel, it’s important to know when you want to wear it. Sylvie Monthulé’s erotic shop offers you a wide range of intimate jewelry for men: penis jewelry that you can wear every day or sex jewelry to wear for sexy occasions, or even better, penis jewelry to keep during sex for new sensations together!


Discreet penis jewelry for every day

you want to wear a penis jewelry every day or very frequently? Choose a discreet and comfortable piece of jewelry like a sex bracelet: penis necklaces have an elasticated cotton base and adapt to your size and shape. Well positioned at the base of your sex, the penis necklace does not bother you, it remains in place despite your body movements or positions. Many models of penis bracelets, sober and elegant, are exposed on our website: the bracelets for sex, the intimate ornaments with a simple stone or with a gold or silver coloured primer like the gold Hieroglyphic penis bracelet, the silver penis jewel, etc… For the maintenance of your body jewel, simply use soapy water to clean it as soon as you take it off. You can call on our after-sales service if you wish to shorten or lengthen the base of your penis bracelet, or simply replace the elastic if it wears out, in the future.

Original penis adornment to seduce

Some men want to adorn their penis, but occasionally, to seduce their partner. In this case, the choice is for original penis jewelry, which will be worn for a few hours or a few moments, to be discovered when undressing and admired during foreplay! Sylvie Monthulé recommends more elaborately designed sexual adornments. Some erotic creations, such as penis chains, embrace all the male attributes, such as the jewel sex capture me or the intimate signet rings. Other creations are designed to adorn the bursa, such as the selection of testicle jewelry (which we praised in a previous French article) and caress the penis above and below; double glow penis jewelry, caress testicle jewelry. These visual and daring to wear penis ornaments will produce a significant erotic effect on your partner.

Stimulating penis jewelry for couple

Among the whole selection of penis jewelry, there are models that are designed to give sensations during the sexual act to both partners! Discover stimulating penis jewelry for couples: Soft to touch, comfortable to wear, they come with ideally heavy pendants, small full balls or chain whips to excite the wearer but also to touch, caress and whip the erogenous zones of the partner. The rebellious caresses of the chains waving on the skin, the exciting force of a hematite ball sliding on the buttocks increases the sensations and the pleasure of the lovers. These are no just simple body jewelry for men, but real erotic accessories to spice up your lovemaking and try out new sexual sensations. We really recommend you to try this naughty jewelry for man !

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