Dual stimulation erotic jewelry

Some women who have tried vaginal or anal penetrating jewels separatly, want to go further and discover the intensity of simultaneous penetration. So that this discovery is done with softness and in beauty, Sylvie Monthule proposes “double pleasure” penetrating jewels which are worn in the same time !


Jewelry for double anal and vaginal stimulation.

The stimulation of the anus with the fingers during a vaginal penetration, brings a lot of sensations…The vagina and the anus, as well as the clitoris, are connected by an incredible amount of nerve endings ! To caress the anus, to titillate, during a vaginal coitus, will increase pleasure… Sylvie Monthulé wanted to”respond” to this feminine desire of double stimulation, with elegance, creating erotic jewelry, intimate objects, with which woman can feel the intense sensations of vaginal penetration simultaneously with anal penetration, and with a maximum confort ! The jewelry is titled “Double penetrating secret”. It is designed, realized and tested, with the idea of allowing women to dare to live new pleasures : hypoallergenic material, ideal diameters and shapes of the parts to be immersed… Composed of two eggs in black resin connected by a welded chain, the penetrating double secret jewel is a small masterpiece… The egg intented for vaginal penetration is of a larger diameter than the second egg, designed for anal penetration. You can, at home, in complete peace and privacy, try the jewelry, get used to putting it in place, wearing it… The use of a lubricant can help you to set up the little anal egg without fear !

New sensations, enjoyments, orgasms.

Many testimonies attest to a multitude of pleasurable feelings ! By wearing the jewelry “double penetrating secret”, almost all the women discover very pleasant sensations… once introduced, the two eggs stimulate the intimate vaginal and anal walls. The incessant friction effect of the two eggs triggers excitement, heat… Some women enjoy very intense orgasms, thanks to this double stimulation, while they remain free to caress oneself for further pleasure.

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