Gold plated vagina balls

Gold plated vagina balls

Among the hundreds of intimate gems that Sylvie Monthulé sells in her online shop, geisha balls and sex jewelry for women are among your favourite adornments. These very erotic jewels are beautiful pieces that adorn and excite the sex and have a stimulating vaginal action. Here are our different models of jewelled vaginal balls in colour and gold, high quality, original and engraved sexy creations!


Luxury engraved geisha balls

The geisha balls of Sylvie Monthulé brand are made in France. These engraved gold vaginal balls are hypoallergenic and exist in different colours: transparent pink, intense blue or shiny black. The design of these sex jewels is luxurious and refined. The chain that connects the two intimate balls is soldered with a very high quality gold treatment, 1 micron 16 carat and 24 carat finish on metal. The beautiful geisha balls are finished with a 9 cm chain and a nice oval ring for easy removal. The diameter of the balls is 34 mm: a perfect diameter for women who are used to wearing these exciting ornaments as well as for women who want to try it! Smooth and soft, the Geisha balls gently roll into your sex to give you intense sensations of pleasure; they massage your vagina, bang, clatter and cause a lot of excitement. Finally, to make these objects of pleasure more personal, Sylvie has designed the engraved geisha balls. On the end ring, an engraving has been put “For You”. One more argument to offer geisha balls to the woman you love!

Original vaginal balls

In addition to the traditional geisha balls, our shop offers sex balls necklaces and intimate ball pendants. The penetrating rosaries consist of 3 small coloured balls of small diameter to be slipped into the sex, connected by an elegant welded chain. These high quality sex beads can also be used for anal pleasure. Body jewelry with insertable balls can include daring and spicy accessories: like the gold or silver fan thong with its stimulating intimate balls. The sex balls are attached to the string according to your hot desires and work on the same principle as the traditional geisha balls.

Unique sex ball

If you want to try 1 vaginal ball and not 2, you can find the unique sexual ball “she and him” on the store, consisting of a single ball to be inserted. The erotic jewel ends with long sensual chains that excite the crotch. The designer has even imagined a stimulating ball thong, creating the flower of pleasure: this sex jewel penetrates and massages the vagina thanks to a splendid purple or blue transparent ball integrated in the design of the G-string. The back and forth movement of the jewel stimulates the erogenous zones like a sex toy and is held in place by a set of elastics worn on the hips. An original and comfortable way to wear your penetrating jewellery like a pubic jewel! Many of our sex jewels use a spherical shape to exalt the senses and overexcite the female sex, even our latest clitoral jewel.

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