The video 3D to enhance our most beautiful sex jewelry

The video 3D to enhance our
most beautiful sex jewelry

What could be more meaningful than presenting you an erotic jewel in 3D to reveal its beauty from all angles and to explain clearly how it works? Sylvie Monthulé has selected some of her intimate jewels and presents them to you. They turn on themselves for the pleasure of the eyes and to make your head spin!


Intimate jewelry comes to life on video

In order to show you our most beautiful intimate jewels in a lively and captivating way, we have used the 3D scanning technique. The jewel photographed from all angles, comes to life and brings a new viewing experience. One has the sensation of being able to touch the jewel, its material and its texture. The eroticism of the jewel takes all its meaning. The body jewel comes to life, can be contemplated and makes you dream! Placed on their transparent glass base, or suspended in the air, each piece of jewellery swirls languorously around itself, revealing itself entirely with sensuality and brilliance to awaken emotion and desire. Like a master jeweller’s ring whose precious stones radiate on their velvet support, the crystals of a clitoris jewel will make all their facets sparkle if the object moves with grace. An exceptional piece of erotic jewellery deserves a unique presentation in the same way as a so-called classic piece of jewellery.

Film the splendour of a sex jewel

The design of a piece of sex jewellery deserves attention! Photos, no matter how pretty, do not always sufficiently highlight the relief of a sextoy, the real size of a body jewel or its texture. 3D brings out the realism of a sexy creation; its curves, its shapes, the shine or the mattness of its colours. The 3D presentation of the sex egg highlighted the elegance of its shiny black, but also the beauty of its design: its gold chain, its satin bow and its naughty drop at the end. The same idea for the geisha balls: the 3D film enhances their original and bright colours and their perfect finish.

Visualise the effects of an erotic gem

Demonstrating the effectiveness of a piece of jewellery that stimulates the erogenous zones is not an easy task! Pictures speak louder than words! When the eye discovers the blue articulated finger adorning the inside of the penetrating leather thong, it immediately understands all the subtleties of its design and the prospects of pleasure that the object holds in store for it and being able to suggest the movements of the finger in the thong is essential. The jewel, nectar of pleasure, rotating and floating in space, reveals in a few seconds to the spectator the design and the magic of its shape, which comes to rest on the clitoris and excite the vagina, and all the specificities of a jewel of voluptuousness, refined, conceived for pleasure. In the case of a jewel that adorns the sex and is inserted to stimulate the vaginal or anal area, it is essential to show the depth, the reliefs or the diameter of the object in full transparency. The animated images have made it possible to highlight, for example, the oval and deep shape of clit jewellery so that it can curl up between the labia and make the clitoris spring forth.

Make you dream with sensual images

We need pleasure, sensuality and elegance. Sylvie Monthulé’s intimate jewels are like naughty treasures to be discovered. To amaze the senses is first of all to catch the eye to create emotion and let the erotic imagination travel. The discovery of an erotic jewel sometimes leads to a real crush! And it is a pleasure for the designer to bring to light daring jewellery imagined for the well-being of the couple, to reveal them without artifice to all the visitors of her shop.

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