Order yourself a Golden sextoy for Christmas

Big chance you will be looking for an erotic present for the holidays.. Just the idea of offering him a sextoy excites you … When you surf the web, you will find lots of fun toys, for all budgets. If you however dream of a luxurious and elegant erotic present, really created for a woman’s pleasure, then you should take a look at Sylvie Monthulé online sales. This will grab your attention. This boutique of naughty jewelry, all designed by Sylvie, presents a selection of erotic, stimulating jewelry,
jewelry for vaginal penetration and even for clitoris excitement!


Clitoral Jewels in Gold or Silver

At Sylvie Monthulé, you will find objects of pleasure that are really high-end erotic jewelry! Among its line of exciting jewelry, you will find many creations especially designed for the clitoris. Our clitoral stimulators are not made of silicone, which makes them unique. They are made of precious materials: gold–plated or silver-plated metal. Also: our clitoral jewelry does not vibrate; it remains silent. That’s the second asset of these treasures: designed to be worn in all circumstances, in a secret and fun way, to increase your pleasure. But silent does not mean they are less active or effective on your body senses, since they each have their own erotic advantage: clitoris tapping, a rotating massaging ball, or a trapped vulva… By buying a clitoral jewel at Sylvie Monthulé, you will offer your partner a hot, sexy and chique gift. An extraordinary body jewel!

The luxury of pleasure jewelry

In the chapter “penetrating jewelry and sextoys for women“, Sylvie Monthulé unveils jewels that are penetrated into the vagina or the anus; flower-shaped, round or oval, or with a longer penetrating part in the shape of a finger or a long drop … Some creations have a penetrating part of 3 or 4 centimeters to stimulate the introitus of the vagina and tickle the G-spot. Other adornments are designed with a longer penetration length, to stimulate several areas at once. The jewel becomes a naughty luxury object in gold or silver to satisfy your desires and to fill your sex-life! The design of these this intimate jewelry plays with gold, silver and an hypoallergenic coating in bright colors: pink, purple, blue and black …  So if you dream of offering a luxury jewel, browse our site, choose for the ideal diameter of the penetrating balls, choose the penetrating string with the gold (with blue decoration) or the jewel secret finger… You can choose for double intimate balls or for a unique pleasure ball … Whatever you buy, you will be pleased by these creators of pleasure jewelry! Whatever you buy, you will enter in a magic universe, you will discover wonderful jewelry for excitement of the body.

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