The Jewels of Desire

Desire has a thirst for mystery, for the unknow, for imagination…
Desire is cultivated in the same way a flower opens step by step, unveiling herself entirely only under the plain exposition to the sun. The explosion of its colours, the sweetness of its petals, its perfumes… Some intimate jewelry from Sylvie Monthulé have such an intense erotic power, an elegance of such a particularity, that they have become unbeatable creations… Jewels of such an extravagant beauty, rare, strange, that they open the door to the drunknness of the senses, jewels that cultivate the Art of Desire and offer to the bodies… the magic of pleasure !

Jewelry Delights for Clitoris

How could one not fantasize about a body jewel that sublimes the Clitoris ?
The first clitoris jewel was conceived in the year 2000 ; The “Clit’Ose”…
Like a capital “O”, exquisitely adorned of gold and crystal… As an “O” of surprise
when the jewel, finally cuddled, dares to offer the upmost exquisite pleasure… An intimate jewel,
that women will discover and gleedily adopt ! Followed immediately by the “Drop clitoris Jewel”,
the “Ecrin”, the “Nectar of enjoyment”… 2018 : Sylvie hasn’t pronounced her last words !
She presents to us the “Excite Clitoris” jewel and what a more natural way to present it
than a short clip displaying the jewel… to testify the promised pleasure !

The “Greedy sex” Jewels

To dream a jewel that intrudes himself to play with the body…
To dream a jewel of sweet and round contours, with greedy colors to excite the most
sensible zones of the body… Sylvie realizes her dreams imagining incredible penetrating jewels,
with sublime and reflecting materials, conceiving libertine balls…
Balls for Her and for Him, dressed in Blue or Purple. Vaginal or anal, each jewel taste
like the secrets its keeps ! And nothing is too beautiful for pleasure :
Geisha balls light, Intimate Eggs dressed in brilliant black or sexual jewels in the shape
of a penis in Ivory color… Each new collection unveils a gourmet jewel !

The jewels that sublimate imagination before love…

Hiding certain parts of the body, or leaving them half hidden, is infinitely more
exciting that revealing excessively stripped its skin. Sylvie Monthulé enjoys creating jewels
that drive the spirit wild ! Barely discovering, under the fine fabric of her skin, your breasts collar…
And allowing he who contemplates you, to imagine the road deliciously libertine
of the intimate jewel, that seems to caress tour breasts…
sublimate imagination, lust, desire !

A goldsmith’s work for some feverish jewels…

Some erotic creations have required hours of work to realize its first prototype.
Ths Swan strings are jewels of a meticulous level of detail, along its deployed wings
mades of curves, engraving motits… The “Mask Night of love” Strings are dazzling
with their contours in lace and its red passion color…
Following the starting idea of the jewel, gold and silver are smoothened or hammered,
to create depth effects of matter, of life… before covering the curve of your sex !

Intimate complicity ; Jewels for Her and for Him !

To startle the sexual complicity of the couple, Sylvie Monthulé has often
presented in her collections, erotic jewelry in harmony with a masculine and a feminine version :
The small pretty woman’s body that adorns Madame’s pubis, will be transformed
and worked in harmony, to adorn the sex of Monsieur… Fun for the couple, to discover together !
The body adorned with a sensual jewel in absolute symbiosis…. It’s exciting
to know that your partner carries the masculine version of the intimate egg with its black pearl
when… you wear the feminine version of the intimate egg,
finished by a drop topped with a small satin knot!

Sensualize each curve of the body…

Some curves of the body can be treasures of sensuality, of erotiscism…
A waist chain can reveal an intense emotion, especially when she dresses the fall of your hips,
and that she ends her naughty path between the roundness’s of your buttocks…
The chain for hips of Sylvie Monthulé are created with miniature and
beautiful motifs that evoke the most daring feminity.

The Penetrating Jewels for women play “Hide and seek…”

The penetratings jewels are born from a marvelous alchemy
between the psychic game and the carnal pleasure. In 2005, Sylvie dared…
To realize a charmingg “cache-sexe” in the shape of a shell, inside of which a male finger
appears, blue and articulated, like… the finger of pleasure ! She reappears in the year 2013,
imagining the finger cuddled in a soft leather string… Two insane jewels to succumb
to pleasure secretly, two sets for prolonged walks on the beach, to assist at a kinky evening,
a hot date or to simply walk by in the street… with the body carrying an element beyond
suspicion, a jewel that makes you tremble at each step. Knowing your body,
without the knowledge of anyone, is such a delice !