We celebrate our 25th anniversary with the jewelry-collection “Vertigo of the Senses”!

We celebrate our 25th anniversary
with the jewelry-collection
"Vertigo of the Senses"!

A quarter of a century ago, Sylvie Monthulé’s first intimate jewels were born! To celebrate this anniversary in style, the designer invites you to discover her brand new jewelry-collection: “Vertigo of the Senses”. A collection that is more than ever dedicated to the beauty of your body, eroticism and lust! To make your holiday season more sparkling and intoxicating than ever before, wear your body jewelry in bright blue and sparkling red or adorn your curves with stones and rhinestones. The new erotic jewels are created for the Vertigo of the bodies, for the Vertigo of love. Watch and discover them and as a gift for Christmas, a sensual blue butterfly string or a secret stimulating jewel!


Butterfly jewelry decorating your genitals and breasts

Discover the magic and beauty of blue butterflies with wings, spread over your genitals! Caressing sexy butterflies divinely embrace your breasts! We are excited to discover the butterfly jewelry thongs that decorate the female pubis so deliciously. On Sylvie Monthulé’s website, photos and videos present these erotic wonders down to the smallest detail: wings dressed in blue with a thousand reflections, covered or open, reveal the velvet texture of the female genitals. Naughty pendants that tickle your lips and sometimes snuggle up there secretly. The sense of the Vertigo butterfly thongs do much more than dressing up your Mons Pubis! Butterfly breast jewelry also is a magnificent creation: you cannot resist the softness of these dazzling butterflies, in blue or red, which cover the areola of your breasts with lust, asking for a thousand kisses. We fall for the little sparkling wings that twirl under your quivering nipples, like flower petals with radiant colors … We get hypnotized by the charm of butterfly breasts-necklaces, so sexy, so exciting and hot, embracing the nipple with a bursting sensation.

Hands and rhinestones adorn your pubic area and nipples.

Take the time to discover the video-presentation of the secret of the caressing open thong; admire the delicacy of the two hands, placed on the pubic area and the radiance of the intimate stone, the sensual movements of the drops that touch your delicates! It is a ballet of pleasure, lust and magical brutality! Take your time to see the secret caressing breast necklace, and discover the hand of gold or silver that slides in your neckline, to adorn your breasts with crystals, rhinestones, while caressing its roundness … The intimate jewelry by Sylvie Monthulé is adorned with erotic and libertine symbols, appealing to excitement, to the imagination of lust and desire; Golden hands touching your genitals, silver hands daring to touch between your breasts, hands and crystal embracing the hips … The body becomes a mysterious and exciting landscape, where we suddenly discover a shiny rhinestone under your nipples or on your lips… or a pure oval stone, adorning your lower body.

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