New erotic jewellery inspired by Egypt for Christmas 2020!

For her new collection of body jewellery, Sylvie Monthulé was inspired by the symbols of Egypt. The collection “The Breath of Pleasure” unveils intimate jewels with evocative names; Woman’s “G-string the Kiss of Isis”, “Sacred Cobra Penis Jewelry”, “Sacred Scarabs Nipple Jewelry” or “Breast Necklace Hieroglyphic of Love” … We invite you to discover all these new sensual jewels with superb design and stunning details of realism and beauty : Breast jewellery, sex rings, sex thongs, verges jewellery, ankle and waist chains, hand jewellery… The most sexual jewellery sets have an erotic effect of a marvellous, even frightening intensity! As always, these libertine jewels combine beauty and sexual pleasure with talent!

The Goddess Isis adorns sex, breasts and buttocks.

Dressed in Gold or Silver, the Goddess Isis opens her winged arms adorned with bracelets on the curve of your pubis. Breathtakingly beautiful, the Isis Gold Sex G-string represents the Goddess offered nude, sitting on a sparkling round stone with a disturbing relief. From the side, the topaz-coloured stone looks like a drop of honey ready to slip off… A sexual symbol to represent the relief of the clitoris. Under the shine of the topaz stone, a long golden drop is agitated on your sex; this naughty pendant will caress your lips or interfere with them, obeying only the commands of your expert fingers! If you choose the Isis Silver Intimate Jewel G-string, the protrusion of the transparent blue stone will make you succumb and the same libertine pearl will come to court your intimacy without restraint to deposit a thousand kisses… The designer has imagined smaller Isis intimate jewels to adorn your breasts and your kidneys: the breast necklace “The Breast of Isis” seems to secretly breathe into your cleavage and releases rivers of gold or silver chains to your nipples, the buttocks chain Isis is a troubling and daring jewel nestling in the hollow of your buttocks! The Isis Breast and Waist Jewellery has been worked with extreme refinement, as the backs of the jewels also represent the body of Isis sculpted in detail.



Cobras and beetles jewellery for breasts and penis

You’ll love the new breast jewellery from the Christmas 2020 collection! Delicious beetles enamelled in black, gold or silver will adorn your nipples like divine amulets. You will also find in Sylvie’s non-piercing breast jewellery section, “the Eye of Horus” nipple set, also available in gold or silver! Light and very elegant nipple ornaments, sold in pairs. The sexy breast necklaces are also adorned with superb, finely chiselled hieroglyphics, and the waist chains, pendants and earrings also appeal to Egyptian symbols! Penis jewellery is dressed in hieroglyphics as if to reveal an intimate message. The most beautiful penis jewellery in the collection are the Sacred Cobras, which stand up on your testicles with power! You will be under the spell of these incredibly beautiful and beautifully finished cobras. The intimate Sacred Cobras jewels have also been created in a Jewel G-string for women and the removable pendant with hematite balls reinforces the pleasure of this unique sexual jewel, for intense moments of play and pleasure! We invite you to discover all these new body jewels without waiting, and so that you can succumb to their eroticism, Sylvie Monthulé presents the most naughty ones with sexy jewellery videos!



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