Sex Jewel cobra for woman and man

Discover all the reasons of the creation of a jewel… Sylvie Monthulé chose to present you a jewel for couple, the sacred cobra jewel. A jewel for woman and man, since it is available in testicles jewelry version, women’s g-string and non-piercing breasts necklace. A superb creation, original and erotic, which is addressed to the couples who wish to spice up their sexuality with elegance, and especially with complicity and harmony!




Cobra jewelry for penis and cobra jewelry for pubis

The idea of the cobra jewel appeared obvious with the theme of the new collection; Egypt! The design of the snake, its shape, were thought to dress the testicles as well as the female sex. The camber of the cobra marries perfectly the curve of the purses and is wonderfully curved on the dune of the pubis. The aestheticism of the jewel, of an incredible splendour, makes it a mixed jewel: delicacy and elegance for Her, strength and virility for Him! In penis jewelry, breast jewelry or g-string, its hypnotic power is just as incredible and powerful! And as Sylvie Monthulé’s Sex Jewels always reserve exciting surprises, the French designer, has imagined the intimate cobra jewelry with a caressing and stimulating pendant: the cobra testicle jewel which rises voluptuously, is equipped with a set of full hematite balls that shakes on the purses! The weight of the hematite balls is very pleasant to feel and the jewel shows its presence almost with every movement of the body. For the women’s version, the naughty pendant of the cobra g-string is made of the same hematite balls, but it is removable. So the woman will be able to play with her jewel g-string as she wishes, wearing sometimes the intimate cobra g-string in the wise version and sometimes the sexy cobra g-string in the sexy version. Suspended from the rebellious chain, the sensual necklace of Hématites will be able to graze and caress the clitoris, to interfere between her lips, or simply to beat the measure on her secret garden! Available in gold or silver colors, the cobra sex jewelry, for women or men, is a jewel of pleasure!

Intimate jewelry for couple games

Create an intimate jewel for a couple is an exciting challenge and a sensual idea; knowing that man and woman will wear a jewel with the same design, but of course designed to adorn and excite a different erogenous zone for each of them is stimulating, playful and leads to intense erotic complicity. For your romantic evenings, for your libertine nights, and even during traditional evenings with friends, or you alone, will know that you each wear your intimate cobra jewel… Inventing erotic games, throwing naughty challenges, is an erotic richness for the couple, as much cerebral as physical. Knowing that Madame, without the knowledge of all the guests around her, is enjoying her cocktail while secretly wearing the cobra jewel g-string and that the pendant comes to caress her when she moves, will excite you ad infinitum… Knowing that under your tuxedo, the cobra testicle jewel adorns your virility and that the balls whip your purses, will intensely disturb her… Imagination is a great tool to excite the bodies and prepare them for passionate love!




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