Erotic artworks adorn the body

Artists have often excelled in eroticism. It is a fascinating subject, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Famous paintings have highlighted the strength of love and sexuality, talented sculptors have been inspired by desire to represent the sensuality of bodies, renowned writers have offered us torrid novels that would chavirage our minds! Sylvie Monthulé has dared to create a collection of sculpted nude bodies. In her hands, intimate jewelry is a work of erotic art!


Naked bodies sculpted into jewelry

In love with art, the creator conceived erotic sculptural jewelry representing the nudity of the body and its awakening to pleasure. The jewels of the new collection “passionately naked” are sensual creations, not only because of the place of the body that they are supposed to come to caress and dress, but also because of their artistic aestheticism which really symbolizes eroticism and sexuality. Drawing the naked female and male body or parts of the body associated with pleasure to make refined jewels with explicit sexual design, it is a difficult challenge!

The aestheticism of the jewel speaks about sexuality

The jewels passion of lovers unite two naked bodies to each other with voluptuousness. The man and the woman, in a burst of love and desire, embrace and kiss each other. The beauty of this jewel representing two sculpted lovers could be addressed to heterosexual couples, in love and complicit who live their sexuality in the wellbeing and the blooming. This creation with a very sensual and realistic design also provokes very exciting physical sensations. Another very artistic and erotic jewel is the jewel thong duo nude women. The set shows two beautiful women abandoning themselves to pleasure. This sexy union of female bodies can highlight the love and sexuality between women, or the desire to discover the desire between women. A body jewel can thus perfectly express our erotic wishes, our loving personality, our sexual orientation, while giving us pleasure.

Erotic art can dare anything!

Thanks to art, artists have been able to reveal with audacity and frankness to the general public very libertine works: Gustave Courbet, author of the painting “the origin of the world” painted the female sex with virtuosity and naturalness, and because it is precisely a painting, the vision of this naked sex which occupies almost all the canvas, does not appear obscene or scandalous.  The jewel par excellence is made of elegance and brightness. The glance that we carry on a work or an erotic object, often relieves eroticism and sexuality, because this work or this object come to surprise us or seduce us almost naturally. By the means of a jewel, one can completely show the sexualized parts of a body like presenting a jewel in the shape of female sex, or a jewel in shape of male sex. The vision of an erotic jewel incites naughty thoughts, suggests exciting scenarios, awakens our fantasies.

Eroticism and nudity

The total nudity is very often associated with eroticism. However, it is the look of desire or love on a naked body, which reveals its eroticism. An almost naked body will be even more desirable because it invites the gaze to the mystery! The erotic power of a jewel can be grandiose from the moment it dresses the body to better undress it, to reveal it. And if the jewel alone is a sensual creation that also plays with nudity, such as this jewel of a naked woman’s body sculpted with delight and coiled between the breasts or courting the pubis, the erotic attraction will be multiplied tenfold. The “passionately naked” jewels are sculptures of naked bodies that play at caressing and dressing the nakedness of our own bodies with art and passion.


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