Silver leather thong with stimulating finger


A sexy and exciting leather G-string created for pleasure, in silver plated ! Inside the leather g-string, adorned with gold, a blue articulated finger rises and penetrates your sex, in secret!… The leather, so soft, hides your pubis entirely. It is a caress on the naked skin. In reality, the erotic jewel hides a daring secret: the blue resin man’s finger, hidden in the g-string, follows all the movements of your body and hugs your sex. What excitement, what pleasure! A g-string jewel imagined for exquisite sensations, for orgasm, with a superb design! An incredibly exciting jewel for women!

Description & Material

Thanks to its soft and very flexible cotton elastics you position perfectly the G-String.

Soft leather. Ornaments: moon with chains and crystal. Silver plated 10 microns. Articulated blue finger in resin (length; 6,5 cm ), The system holding the finger is fixed inside the leather. Hypoallergenic.

Our maintenance tips

After each use, clean your Jewelry penetrating with soapy water.
Do not share intimate jewels to others.
You can use a natural lubricant or water-based, to facilitate the penetration of your jewelry.
All our jewelry is completely hypoallergenic.
We remain at your disposal for any information.

SKU: ST137

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