The underwear for men put forward virility and/or sex appeal. In addition to being sexy, men’s jewel thongs play with boldness and originality! Let yourself be tempted .


Men’s lingerie has evolved!

Today’s man not only wears underwear to be comfortable in his daily life or to practice with comfort different sports activities, he also chooses more attractive and sexy models for his intimate life, such as the thong, the shorty, the micro thong … Many online stores compete with ingenuity and brands develop underwear for men more and more daring with pleasant materials and seductive cuts.

The thong has the wind in its sails!

This daring underwear is no longer reserved only for women. Gentlemen are also adopting this invisible underwear that highlights their attributes and uncovers their buttocks. Most of the time made of fabric, the thong is often stretchy and presents important variations of cuts. The smaller the surface area of fabric, the more erotic and sexy the thong becomes: thongs, micro thongs, thongs with strings, etc… are displayed in shop windows or on the web, with an infinite variety of colors and textures. Each man will find the sexy underwear that will fit his size, his personality and his taste.

Chain lingerie to be even sexier

To differentiate herself from other lingerie brands, Sylvie Monthulé chose to develop the idea of the mini jewel thong for men. These erotic creations designed in gold or silver metal have a double role: to dress the intimate parts with originality and create an exciting effect when worn. If most of the thongs made of fabric hide the penis, the jewel thongs of the designer discover the male body in its entirety: chains, ornaments, stones, decorate the base of the sex and the testicles but without covering them and an elasticated cotton belt encircles the hips. These open thongs are for all men, whatever their morphology, curious about erotic novelties and in search of stimulating games.


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