Waist chain “rain of pearls” Gold

chain waist woman drop adjustable gold
chain waist woman drop adjustable goldchain waist woman drop adjustable gold
cht148 a chaine taille pluie de perles or

Your hips become the precious case of a sensual jewel. The 5 capricious pearls, melange of gold and hematite, are like the caress of a light rain on the curve of your belly… A refined gold version for this waist chain, in harmony with the “rain of pearls” breast jewellery.


Indicate in the block the size of your choice:
S, M, L, XL… Whatever the size you choose,
our waist jewels have an adjustment for a
perfect fit to your preference.

Very high gilding 1 micron 16 carat
and 24 carat finish on metal. Hematite pearl.


Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.