Gold G-string “song of mermaid”


The erotic song of a mermaid jewel, whose gold and black reflections glitter on your sex… In the heart of the draped chains, the mermaid reveals her sensuality and its full curves by caressing your pubis, your labias … Her tail with glittering scales arches with splendor on your shivers of woman… and the miniature pearls, like drops of water stream down on your desires. Offer yourself to love… the body almost naked, just dressed with gold and light.

Description & Material

Thanks to its soft cotton elastics, you position perfectly the G-string .

1 micron 16 carat and 24 carat finish on metal. Black enamel. Shell on the back of the thong. Height mermaid; approx 4.5 cm. Hypoallergenic.

SKU: ST206

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