Anal Egg “black and silver“


Imagine Anus Jewelry created for your enjoyment! Objects of Pleasure, daring, dressed in luxury and voluptuousness. Discover penetrating eggs, with black and shiny reflections, as soft and smooth as velvet. Choose your diameter; 34 or 28 mm. Their ovalized shape is perfect for penetration, and the pleasure overwhelms you. The Egg, in secret, stays perfectly in place. The rebellious drop, suspended from the silver Chain, oscillates between your thighs and reveals the presence of your Jewel… To be enjoyed without moderation!

Description & Material

Anus jewelry. Black resin anal egg. Diameter: 34 or 28 mm. (Egg with diameter 34 mm : length 5 cm.) (Egg with diameter 28 mm : length 4 cm) Welded chain (chain length; 8 cm). with black drop.

Silver plated 10 microns. Washable in soapy water. Hypoallergenic.

Our maintenance tips

After each use, clean your Jewelry penetrating with soapy water.
Do not share intimate jewels to others.
You can use a natural lubricant or water-based, to facilitate the penetration of your jewelry.
All our jewelry is completely hypoallergenic.
We remain at your disposal for any information.


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