Jewelry for vaginal lips

The female genitalia is so beautiful, so mysterious… big lips and small lips adorn the entrance of the vagina, they surround it like the delicate petals of a unique flower.Varying greatly from one woman to another, the lips may be fine or fleshy, long or short. Under the effect of excitation and the desire, they inflate with the clitoris, so sensitive to carress and touch… how can one not resist the pleasure of miniature jewelry for delicious exhilaration and arousal!!!

Non-Piercing Jewelry for small and large labia lips.

Often neglected, to the benefit of the clitoris, these inexhaustible sources of pleasure… these adorable folds and pleats which surround the genitalia react beautiful to caresses and kisses ! Labia Jewelry by Sylvie Monthulé is the first real jewelry for your lips without piercing. Many models have been devised to adapt to your intimate anatomy. The small rings open and close at will, easy to move to the desired location and are perfect on the large lips ! Gold plated, with a diameter of 18 mm, they are quite painless and absolutely delightful ! Often designed with small dangling pendants which brush the skin and dance between the thighs, they can also be worn alone without their removable pendants, as intimate rings. The labia rings will create the illusion of real piercing jewelry ! To dress all the small lips, Sylvie Monthulé has thought to design superb small clips, dazzling with crystals and facets. Gold plated, always hypoallergenic and without nickel, they are very easily placed. Once positioned, your lips are gracefully decorated and separated, two small crystals secrets, two small treasures that sparkle, ready to be discovered by your lover ! The rings or clips are non-piercing, regardless of your design choice. It will be near impossible to resist the desire to often play with your jewelry, to focus on the pleasure and to feel the subtleties…

Boxed intimate rings go with the mood

Sylvie Monthulé offers a small gift bag for small or large lips, that can go with the mood or desired sensation and look. The bag of sensual pleasure contains a pair of labia rings, elegant and refined, that can be worn alone. Two sets of pendants are presented in the bag : a pendant made of a multiple draping chains that can be hooked to the two rings, like waves of gold light…a second pendant of droplets or beads,  which suspends individually from each ring… Your lips are eager to be caressed, sometimes they’ll want to be draped in dainty gold chain, sometimes with gangling pearls of sexual exhiliration… or even all pendants suspended together to both rings, for even more intensity ! Gift sets of intimate rings : gold and hematite, blue pearls, or rose Crystal clips… three extraordinary gifts of sensuality for women.

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