Venitian mask breasts necklace silver


A sexy Venetian mask jewel dresses your erect breasts. Tonight, you are beautiful, insolent. Your heart beats a little fast and the little Silver Mask sparkles in the hollow of your cleavage. Its colors, its elegance, its details, captivate me! Your breathing accelerates and you reveal to me the jewel that sneaks up to your breasts, the silver that embraces your erected nipples, the delicate drops… What a sublime vision to discover you, just dressed in voluptuousness and radiance !

Description & Material

Thanks to the neck adjustment chain, you will adjust as you wish your breasts necklace. With Non-piercing, pain-free and sliding braces which adapt to all nipple diameters.

Mask with red, blue or black enamel. Small drops. Fine chains. Silver plated 10 microns Hypoallergenic.


Discover the jewels in harmony

Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.