Secret River intimate necklace

diamond strass nipple body jewelry gold
diamond strass nipple body jewelry golddiamond strass nipple body jewelry gold
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Two strass glisten between the curves of your breasts. Gold glides on the skin. You will have to open the bodice to know that, underneath, the breasts are gently embraced and held captive, delighted by the Desire that rises… Close your eyes, imagine the sensations, the secret pleasure, the emotion that, from the tips of your breasts constantly solicited, goes and runs to your belly, inflaming it with passion…

86.70 €


Thanks to the neck adjustment chain,
you will adjust as you wish your breasts necklace.
Non-piercing system, pain-free, sliding
which adapt to all nipple diameters.

High gilding 1-micron 16kt and 24kt finish.
Fine chains and faceted crystals


Adult content. You must have at least 18 years old.